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Burgess, union bar

To follow up Hawks’ excellent opening salvo, I thought I’d introduce myself by way of my own reasons for blogging here.

Are We Not Men? was Wrath’s idea. Ideas are one of the things he’s good at. I say that not to pass the buck (although complain to him first, please), but to give credit where due. He’s a good friend and kind of like EF Hutton, when he talks, I listen. As soon as he mentioned the idea for this blog, I knew it had to happen. Who better to talk about all things male than the most-male of the SL mensches I know, Wrath and Hawks? It took a moment to commit and another to come up with the genius blog name. We’re that good.

There are a number of male-oriented SL blogs out there, but most are devoted to fashion. Noticeably lacking is SL blog-reading appealing to the “typical male” demographic. (Who knows what the typical male really is, but in the memorable words of Justice Stewart, “I know it when I see it.”)

A full-choke sample of the kinds of writing that are underrepresented in the SL blogosphere would include the likes of The NY Post, Outside, FHM, and Pitchfork. Not to say that those publications don’t have substantial and significant female readerships, but that you’re more likely to find a higher readership ratio of men to women there than you would find at Cosmo, Linden Lifestyles, or The SL Herald.

Then there is MGG2SL, which consistently takes the piss out of SL bullshit whether it’s the SL fashion world or dumb SL guys behaving like week-old pixel sperm dribbling out of a flexi dick. Well, dumb guys, you need a place to run and get some SLammo, and we’ve got your backs.

Some things you can expect to find here at AWNM:

– Gear reviews and weapons discussions.

Is a building HUD really worth it? When to orbit and how not to get pwned while doing it.

– Finance, sports and music talk

Is the WSE a pointless ponzi scheme? Where can I play Tringo that Hawks will not show up? How amazing is that weekly new music series at Clockwork?

– Pickup tips

There are more AFCs (average frustrated chumps) in SL than almost anywhere save maybe WoW; we can stop the bleeding. Also, we can help you answer the consistently nagging question of “Is that a girl or a guy behind that hot av?”

– Of course, photos of SL women that do not make you throw up a little in your mouth.

Hear that Herald? How can you regularly take moderately attractive avs and put them in Post 6 and make them ugly? Talk about demeaning an already sketchy practice. You lower yourselves and the women who have the guts and/or low self-esteem to submit to your pawing for the publicity. Hire a good SL photographer, fer chrissakes, Flickr is full of excellent ones. And we hear that all it takes to be the beefcake of the week at MGG2SL is a little lobbying. Any old “guy” could make the cut.

– And, probably there’ll be some fashion stuff, but to attract women, not to look like one. Dressing well will get you laid, find you a mate, and keep you out of hot water.

Consider the shit stirred.


~ by Alex on January 3, 2008.

25 Responses to “Weighing in”

  1. Well I don’t know what you just said but I like it?

  2. Well well well… I’m smelling a bad stink LOL

  3. Woot!! Welcome to the board my brother!! And what an opening salvo it is! Early morning here, and I am already fired up!

  4. Yeah Gillian, Alex is the type of hunter who likes to confuse his prey, typically with words. Often starting with, “Hey doll…”

  5. since you guys are clearly planning to lead a revolution in sl male behavior, can you please do something about the following:

    requests for web cam action
    talking pixel dicks
    bad hair
    men who dont know enough to get an ao with a decent walk

    if you are as good as the mean girls you should be able to make some progress, no?

  6. Congrats guys!! I could always use any extra man-type advice.
    /me adjusts his fanny pack. What!

  7. @Garrett: Thanks. I’m sure you’re joking about the fanny pack. But since you solicited advice, “what” is a question and does not make sense with an exclamation point, though it does highlight an affinity for fanny packs. Lose both of them.

    @chestnut: Noted, those issues are definitely within the purview of our mission, stay tuned for helpful advice you can point the idiots toward the next time you’re accosted while shopping. We’ll also post some handy defensive tactics that work in no-push zones.

  8. alex — looking forward to hearing your recommendations and thanks for doing something about the fanny pack too. omfg.

  9. Yeah, I mean really. Fanny packs are soooo 2006.

    But seriously, Garrett, you’ve come to the right place for male guidance – we’re pretty much full of it, as will become evident.

  10. Gentlemen(?), I look forward to seeing what you do with this. There isn’t enough out there for guys.

  11. So where are all these single AFCs (average frustrated chumps)? Why are they hiding from me?

    You should ask this question as well.

    I think male sexual frustration is a self-inflicted wound. Let’s face it. Sexual frustration gives a man an excuse to feel sorry for himself – and feeling sorry for themselves is what men do best.

  12. I’ll tell you one thing this blog could use more of: Naughty Girls. Oh, speaking of, welcome, Naughty Girl – thanks for stopping by, heh.

    If you think feeling sorry themselves is what men do best, then obviously you’ve never met Alex.

    Did you know he DJ’s over at Clockwork?

    While we do feel sorry you feel the AFC’s are hiding from you, we do have to wonder if the average frustrated chump is what you should be looking for? Nevertheless, while we won’t pretend to offer dating advice for women, we can try and help the average frustated chump gain the much needed confidence to seek out such a lovely catch as yourself.

    And the line forms behind me.

  13. AFC’s? Don’t worry NG, I can’t find them either (or they’re already taken, see).

    I’m all revved about this site already. 🙂 Welcome aboard, Alex!!!

    Of course now you got Myg on MGG2SL. Let the games begin!

  14. Oooo debate!!! I love debate!

    Firstly, Wrath, I was using “chump” as a synonym for “man”. As I thought you were. ‘Average frustrated men’ is what I was really talking about.

    Secondly, I’m glad Alex isn’t any good at feeling sorry for himself. I didn’t say every single man was like that, without exception. I heard there was a goatherd in Tibet a few years back who also wasn’t good at good at feeling sorry for himself. So Alex isn’t alone. Unless the goatherd has since died.

    Lastly, I think there’s a story there, Why do men talk so much about chasing women and do so little about it? I’d like to know, and I think a lot of other women would as well. Is this some big male secret that the world is not allowed to know? Please tell.

  15. Hey NG – thanks for the thoughts. I don’t see us debating you, though you apparently want to debate, as there is at least an appearance of a difference of opinion. And it sounds as if you’ve had some particularly vexing experiences with men. (And all the women are thinking, “Yeah, who hasn’t? It’s the non-vexing experiences that are too few and far.”)

    Well, I’m not looking to argue, but if you want my opinion on what I think are the answers to your questions, I’d be happy to tackle them at length in a post. Perhaps I can shed light on our differing perceptions and give you some new ways to find a guy who likes you that you don’t detest. Would you be willing to submit the questions you’ve raised here to be the first ones for our soon-to-be-regular series for female readers: “WTF do guys really think?” Ideally, the questions will be anonymous, so I understand if you want to decline the offer. On the other hand, your comments here seem somewhat anonymous and if no one actually knows you, what have you got to lose?

    However, I ask you to think about it carefully because I intend to be direct in my answers and it’s not always pleasant for women to look into the cesspool that is the male mind. But I promise I will not be nasty or make fun of the people asking the questions.

  16. Actually, I don’t really know if spinning records is what Alex is best at, you’d probably have to ask Myg what that might be.

    Hell, for all we know, maybe he was the goatherd dude in Tibet?

    At any rate, NG, you’ve raised some excellent points which we will indeed officially address soon. Thank you. 🙂

  17. @NG Can I just say that our goal is not to teach a man how to chase a woman, but to show them how to act such that they are beating them off with a big stick? (that can be taken several ways…)

    The only way chump can be universally associated with man, is if you lose the c. Cuz lord knows we gotta hump.

  18. Jesus, I tried to stop myself but I cannot.

    Dear, dear naughty girl, lemme just say, if you want to find out why so many men are so much talk and so little action, you’ve come to the right place. (That’s right – I said it – what? What?)

    Second of all, if you can’t find a sexually frustrated guy in Second Life, you clearly aren’t going to enough free sex areas. See, if you’re a female avatar and can type, you can get laid in Second Life. I promise.

    But, if you’re looking for a decent dude who isn’t enamored of the seedier spots such as hard alley or at least Midian City, and you find him in some nice club or shopping mall, he’s already attached. Even good boys love dirty places, and I posture that all the available mens are here to get nasty. So early in their SLives, available guys are hanging out in places where they can get laid, else they’re not available. Then they hook up and may not go there (as much).

    What? what?! Am I wrong? prove it!

  19. @wrath: alex has many talents. spinning is only one, and it ain’t the top of the list either.

  20. Who are you, and why are you talking?

  21. Awesome. Can’t wait to read more on here.

  22. It’s okay tenshi, sometimes we wake up still drunk the next morning and ask the first person we see that very question, too.

    Hey there, Daman – welcome!

  23. It’s about damn time you guys started a blog! w00t!

  24. Congrats on the new site–:)

  25. […] what he’s thinking. That’s right – dinner. And I only say “he” because the dog in my life happens to be male. But dogness isn’t a gender issue – it’s a role issue. Dogs come in […]

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