Full Metal Jacket: Violence as recreation

gun free school zone

There is nothing like firing a gun or blowing shit up. Second Life affords ample opportunity for these activities in an environment that is noticeably more anarchic than other online worlds or computer/console games. That anarchy is a beautiful thing because, although the fx are far less exciting, the potential for fun is reciprocally greater. There’s nothing like those days when some moran pisses me off on my land and I get to blast the shit out of his n00b ass. Or when some drooling blingtard says something off-color to Myg or some other friend of mine and I orbit him to 10k meters. I won’t even talk about the joys of harassing campers lest I open up the griefing debate. Yes, SL is a great place to blow off steam.

serial killer

There are so many choices of weapons in SL that even “search” is helpful. I’m going to save discussions of specific weapons for later posts, and assume that you can find something inexpensive and fun for starters. If you’re interested in a little target practice or getting involved in roleplay, perhaps the best place to hone your weapons skills is in a weapons sandbox. These used to be easier to find, but probably because they can be particularly chaotic, they tend to be missing or hidden in search. If you do find one, be aware the denizens can be very territorial. They’re often like a beach with a good break —the locals will kick the shit out of you if you’re from out of town. Many weapons stores have testing ranges. Or just ask the owners or even other people shopping there. Also, you can visit the PSG Mature Sandbox – it has no griefing rules posted and people generally behave. So it’s really not all that fun, but you can fire your weapons. There’s a testing platform at 300m you can tp up to and blast away. The following photo is totally unrelated to sandboxes, but shows me and a group of friends just prior to testing a suitcase nuke.

suitcase bomb

But if you’re looking for organized violence, there is nothing like a good roleplaying sim. Midian City, City of Lost Angels, and Tombstone, come to mind right off the bat, but there are many others worth checking out. There the violence comes second to the story line, but when it erupts it is furious, tension filled, and either satisfying or demoralizing. Make sure you read and abide by the rules, especially if you like the sim and want to stick around. (Reckless n00bs get banned pretty quick.) Otherwise, fuck it, have fun and get banned.

santa bomb

Lastly, and here is where shooting someone can be the most fun, is in the places where you’re not supposed to. Most land parcels that don’t want violence are set to no create objects/no push and even no scripts. Allowing push and create objects is a tacit agreement that there are some times when a push is acceptable. Okay, maybe it’s for some other reason, like they want to allow people to unpack the items they just purchased. But still. Other times you can rez, but it’s a no push zone. There are some weapons that work in no push zones (I love these), but using them is clearly a violation of the social contract and probably the TOS. Use them with a clear understanding and in special situations. Here’s one last gratuitous pic of that suitcase nuke as it exploded. The helmets didn’t save us.

more bomb

Next on Full Metal Jacket: I sleep with my Glock.


~ by Alex on January 6, 2008.

25 Responses to “Full Metal Jacket: Violence as recreation”

  1. *SMELLS the Air!* Ahhhhhhhhh gotta luv the smell of Nukes in the morning! Alex …I cant agree with you more! There are times that not only is it fun but way nessessary to whoop some knuckle heads azz! Either do to Piss poor manners, complete arrogance, or the Holy No No …thats right insulting your luved one! Oh yesh!!! 1 azz whoopin commin riiight up! But these days the nOObs think there safe in doing so in a protected sim! Well not for long! Ive seen and witnessed a program one of my buddies came up with that will allow you to track any AVI when they t/p to run away and it allows you to follow them where ever they go! (so long as you are in the same sim b4 there next T/p) This handy lil gadget lets you hunt them down like the prey they are tote unaware your there till they make the crucial mistake of going onto unprotected land. where then you can “take care of buisness your way!” So beaware trouble makers its out there and unless you want to become the hunted, I suggest you play nice because you never know whos gonna be waiting for you in the next sim!

  2. Weapons? Damn, even a golf ball can wreak havoc. Ask Ben. I have the bumps om my head to prove it.

  3. Damn Joker – I could have used that baby last night. It was raining assholes all over SL…

  4. LOL!!! Yeah it’s always better to let off steam by blowing shit up. This isn’t only a man’s recreation, let me tell you. There’s plenty of ladies (like Myg, heh) who enjoy major firepower and watching naplam rip up some hapless building. If I get time I may go check that stuff out. 🙂

  5. OMG Fire? Don’t EVEN get me started.. I’m thinking Myg and I would get along nicely >:)

  6. i am all for blowing shit up and taking care of business, absolutely. but that stalker tool scares me. by all means use it to retrain the assholes who hurt your friends. but please do what you can to keep it from the crazies — that is if it isn’t on sale at slexchange already. (been there, done that, got the motherfucking “i have been stalked in sl” t-shirt)

  7. oooo boy Chestnut, excellent point and reminds me why in RL I am mostly a pacifist in all conflicts (even a verbal pacifist, as surprising as it may be to some).

  8. @chestnut: That sucks. Rest assured, I’ll never review a weapon I think could be used in particularly nefarious ways to stalk or somehow actually “harm” an avatar. And there are some extremely nasty scripts and scripted objects out there that violate TOS six ways from Sunday. Those won’t be discussed here.

  9. Next on Full Metal Jacket: I sleep with my Glock
    Didn’t Hawks already cover this in dangerous curves? lol

  10. “This isn’t only a man’s recreation, let me tell you.”

    Got that right, Guen! Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been propositioned by women – who want to know if they can shoot me! What do I look like, a weapons testing dummeh?? Okay, wait, don’t answer that. My point is, yep, there are girls who love guns.

    And we love those girls. 😉

  11. Just a request from your non-target audience, would you consider doing a rundown of some of the best places to buy weapons, ooh also even a list of top 5 in each class of weapons eg, bazooka, grenades, etc. A beginners guide to all the stuff to fuck shit up basically. I get too involved in all that ‘fashion’ nonsense and would have no clue where to start experimenting with guns. Thanks! 🙂

  12. @eyva – Stop peeking over my shoulder. I was thinking along those lines, but you’ve made it a definite maybe. No, I will–thanks for your interest and the suggestion.

    @Layne – lmao.

  13. Hulk like smash.

  14. I am going to agree with Eyva. I need help with teh gunz

  15. and that’s a smokin’ hot picture of you babe. bring that gun over here for a sec…

  16. I was so disappointed when I parked my freebie Smart car in an empty sim, surrounded it with C-4, and did not succeed to reduce it to a pile of prims. I hate that fugly car with a vengeance… but it still stood there, unscathed, in all it’s badly textured, inherently ugly, cheaply scripted splendour.

    Now that would be something, wouldn’t it… actually being able to smash stuff.

    By the way, if you do want to comment on the Scion thing over on NWN, Alexander, feel free to do so under my blog.

  17. @Laetizia: Thanks–it was your blog that brought it to my attention, but I was hoping to draw James out a little about why he never opened comments on the topic over at NWN before I ripped into marketing culture (hopefully where he’ll have to read it publicly). If he ignores me like I expect, I’ll post at your place.

  18. Well, I recently bought my first gun, so I guess I’m definitely part of the “target” audience here 😉

  19. *smiles* OOooOOoOooOooOOo GUUUUNSSSS!!!!!
    Ya gotta luv em! Unless you happen to be the unfortunate one thats on the buisness end that is!

  20. @Joker: well, at least in SL, when I’m hit I’m often thinking “hey man, nice shot” as I “die” and reappear home.

  21. Yeah, an unsuspecting orbiting weapon, not as much fun, but if you are aware you’re gonna get shot with some kind of weapon, makes the painless death considerably more tolerable for me.

    Though let me give you all some advice on the down low here, about Alex – if you’re gonna try to shoot him to make a point, try luring him outside of Topgol to do so, otherwise, once you get all cocky after blasting him to pieces, he just reappears right around the corner (as it turns out that’s his home location) and will walk up behind you and unload both barrels into your brain without even a “buh-bye, bitch”.


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  23. Gas cloud timebomb and handgun with settings from “fluffy”-“Deadly” causing a huge green fog of wet fart sfx always gets me going when u target noobs having nookie. Available from Dictorship/Matriarch. Setting of nukes in a paticular sex castle was good fun while it lasted. More like the wild west! When ‘no scripts’ were applied the population dropped. Ah they were the days sniping naked ppl as soon as they tp’d in.
    But there is a new orgyroom….

  24. […] Violence is cool […]

  25. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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