n00b of the day 1/7/08

n00b of the day 1/7/08

I found this n00b flying around Topgol this afternoon. He flew into Clockwork. His appearance indicated he was surely brand n00b. I checked his profi and yep, today’s rezdate. We had the following exchange, whereupon he fled in confusion or abject fear, flying off down the block to get trapped in the Mainline Thriftshop.

[11:38] You: hey fang
[11:38] Fang n00bly: hello alex
[11:38] You: getting your sea legs?
[11:38] Fang n00bly: whaaaaaaa
[11:39] Fang n00bly: bye

He bumped against the windows like a bluebottle fly for about 30 seconds. I took his pick moments before he tp’d out or logged. Made me nostalgic for those first days of hapless wonderment.

Don’t expect a n00b of the day everyday at AWNM, it’s an occasional feature — just on days when providence permits and puts one in our cameras’ viewfinders. But we couldn’t go calling any old n00b “n00b of the week/month/year” unless they did something really spectacular, so n00b of the day it is.


~ by Alex on January 7, 2008.

8 Responses to “n00b of the day 1/7/08”

  1. Like a little bird trapped in the sky lights at the mall, sorta…

  2. Hmmm, I was picturing that blue light bug zapper, ya know the one where they kinda hang out and sizzle a lil bit before popping, but I guess your imagery works as well Myg.

  3. “Halp! A mime trapped me inside this invisible box! Oh wait, those are windows, maybe I should look for a door?”

  4. I still can’t fly properly, even after four months in sl. But then, I’m not only a girl, I’m a blonde. 😛

  5. If you check infohubs, there’s usually some completely naked n00b just standing there. they never talk, they just stand there, n00by and naked and sad.

    But like naughty girl, I can’t fly either. I’m like a helicopter. I fly up and down, but that’s it. 🙂

  6. LOL!!! A lot of n00bs seem to find their way to Topgol, don’t they? Especially if their last name is Morrisey. 😉 There’s also the ones who walk into a club, ignore the staff & patrons who say “hi” to them, and then proceed to wander around the club aimlessly (often bumping into patrons) because they haven’t learned the notion that maybe the room hasn’t completely rezzed on their screen yet.

    Ah for the days when we were all so innocent…

  7. Like Guen, I always smile when I see a n00b. After stumbling around Orientation Island on my rez day, I tried Popular Places to look for Lounge-type music. Yep, I ended up at Phat’s. At least I had the presence of mind to ask the greeter if I dressed properly what with all the non-n00bs swanning about. She said “lol”, said I looked fine, and made me a member on the spot. Coo !

  8. I was kicked off of Phat’s premises (before they got an island) during my second visit there because they didn’t like me hating their choice of eh, “jazz” music so openly.
    Now that’s the way to be as a n00b. Outspoken as if your clothes are not from the freebie store and as if you have the flexiest prim hair instead of the dreaded mesh hair…

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