n00b of the day 1/8/08

n00b rising

I call this pic “n00b rising.” It’s hopeful, ecstatic, and shows potential. He will probably turn out to be a happy healthy SL citizen in a few short weeks. He was one of two n00bs who tp’d into Clockwork last night in the middle of my set (n00bs are drawn to green dots like moths to a flame) and then bumbled out without saying more than “hi” — either too amazed at his SLexistence or too shy to interact.

We’re on a roll, people. Let’s hope we get some relish tonight to add to the keTchUp and mustard of the past two days. Could there really be a n00b of the day every day? If you’ve got a current n00b photo (within a week) leave the flickr or Snapzilla link in the comments and who knows? Maybe your n00b will get featured here at AWNM.


~ by Alex on January 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “n00b of the day 1/8/08”

  1. That particular n00b was a constant flier – one of those who once they discover flying, won’t stop and walk for another week yet. Thus, they end up bouncing around out of control all over SL wondering why it’s so hard to get to the exact spot they are aiming for.

    Or, who knows, maybe they are actually aiming for the top of my head…

  2. “either too amazed at his SLexistence or too shy to interact.”

    or bored

  3. @Blitzkrieg: that too, but glad you aren’t.

  4. that’s a classic shot babe

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