Can SL Make You Gay?

kissRaise your hand if you’ve ever had SLex with a woman? Interesting. Did you notice just as many — if not more — women as men answered that question in the affirmative?

So what do you think, can SL make a straight person gay? Or more relevant to this article, lesbian? And why would I even ask such a ridiculous sounding question, other than to get your attention? (Because you know I want that.)

Well, first, we know many men out there have a noticeable fascination with lesbians, and secondly, we’re all about stirring the pot. Oh, and sometimes, we really do want answers.

Okay, listen — one of the first things I noticed about SL, and which was soon thereafter strongly reinforced by reading so many blogs by women about their SLives, is that the ratio of female/female couples compared to RL seemed much higher. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but I’ve always wanted to know why there is so much girl-on-girl action happening in the SL world, while it doesn’t seem to be surrounding me quite so often in RL (much to my chagrin, of course).

Now, sure, I realize things in SL are exaggerated in many circumstances — for example, often times relationships progress and dissolve quicker in SL than in RL, and people will dress their avatars far more provocatively than the person behind the avatar would ever consider dressing in the real world, perhaps — but how do you fall in love, cuddle up, couple up and get stuck with the same sex avatar so easily if you are not into same-sex relationships in the real world? What changes for you once you enter this virtual world?

And why would this phenomena seem to affect women so easily — as it certainly does not seem to be making guys run out and hook up into long-term relationships with another dude once they log into SL.

I feel like asking the ladies: Is it fulfilling a real life fantasy, an unrealized experimental phase you missed out on in college, or hope to get back? Maybe one of the female avs in the relationship secretly suspects her partner is actually a male in real life playing a female, and thus it’s not such a big deal? Or is it merely roleplay, yet somehow fulfilling? Perhaps the ratio of males to females in SL is so heavily skewed there aren’t enough men to go around? (If that’s the case, see me after this post to get my IM number — I’ll be standing by for your call! heh) Maybe it’s as simple as partnering with another female just to ensure no males will ever hit on you — and does that really work, even?

It just seems to me, that if half the girls on my friends list have either hooked up with or are currently partnered with another female, that’s not representative of RL statistics and I’m curious as to why. Please don’t tell me that there are as many all-female couples in RL as displayed in SL, because I’m just not buying it. And I certainly hope it’s not that there aren’t really that many girls coupling up in SL, but the few that are all somehow flock into my world…

What say you?


~ by Wrath on January 10, 2008.

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  1. First of all, I haven’t had SLex with anyone in SL. πŸ™‚ Second, I really was wondering a couple of days ago what was up with all the female/female couples. Not that it bugs me or anything, but in my first life I know a LOT more gay men than lesbians, so coming to SL and seeing all the lesbians was kind of a shock. Of course, considering the fact that many men in SL have female avatars, what are the chances that the couple is truly female/female?

  2. Ah.. Recently, the term ‘rezbian’ was coined to describe the phenomenon of RL straight women engaging in an SL relationship with another women:

  3. Ummmm…. as acknowledged in the rezzbian post, one reason, and in my experience the main one is that many “women” in SL are actually guys. Whether two guys getting off by watching their female avatars shagging constitutes a gay relationship, I don’t know… but I suspect that in many cases it’s just fulfilling a male fantasy of watching two hot chicks.

  4. No idea.

  5. what i want to know is why are there so many more furries in my sl than in my rl? huh?

  6. Counter question: why Wrath is writing so much about homosexuality, crossdressing and transgenderism? πŸ™‚
    It is very simple… there are Gorrean sims where big strong males dominate. Also, there is the rest of the grid where lesbianism is becoming dominate religion. :p

  7. @dandellion – Good question – obviously that dude spends way too much time trying to find ways to discuss anything even remotely related to women. He needs to get out more and blow stuff up. In fact, he’s probably out there somewhere right now studying up to be converted to lesbianism, as apparently that is the latest trendy religion… (you crack me up, d!)

    @chestnut – say what? where do you live? lol Actually, I was just thinking the other day how there seemed to be a sharp decline in the number of furry sightings around my sim and was wondering if that was indicative across the grid – but apparently, no, as they have all migrated your way for the winter. πŸ™‚

  8. The reason there’s so many lesbian couples in SL is that they’re men getting off on watching girl-on-girl action. You said it yourself:

    “but I’ve always wanted to know why there is so much girl-on-girl action happening in the SL world, while it doesn’t seem to be surrounding me quite so often in RL (much to my chagrin, of course).”

    They’re men who are chagrined that there’s no girl-on-girl action in their real life, so they start it themselves in Second Life, ensured that noone will ever find out who they really are anyway.

    The second option, is that SL is just better known in alternative lifestyle groups such as: furries, lesbians/gays, BDSM lifestylers, etc.

    Most of my vanilla colleagues at my random boring job in the business world don’t really have a clue what Second Life is … a few of them (the marketeers) heard of it once or twice, but they don’t pay attention to it.

    Most of my BDSM lifestyle friends though, have at least tried it out because they keep hearing it’s very open to BDSM (though most of them leav quickly in disappointment, sickened by the Gor-tards in SL who claim that they are BDSM)

    I suspect with lesbians it might be in a way the same as with BDSMers.

  9. I am a girl who has a couple of very nice lesbian encounters…but I am a straight woman in RL. IDK…women are so sexualized in our society it is hard not to jump on the bandwagon, so to speak. Women are pretty, soft, sexy, etc. In a way, is almost a masturbation thing – loving another woman’s body is like self love. But, it is something I would only pursue in the fantasy realm of SL and even then only as an occasional treat.

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  11. @Sered: Thanks for that link to the NWN article on this topic! I’d like to say we were paying attention and had seen that, and we’re now jumping on the bandwagon just to drive a little more traffic here, because that’s definitely what we’d do. Unfortunately, no, we were off blowing shit up and not reading. But our pic is better.

    @dandellion: Wrath’s previous post was about the SL banking crisis. It was Hawks who raised the gender issue before. But knowing how worked up Wrath gets over spreadsheets, it must indicate something.

    Another possibility that hasn’t been raised is that lesbian relationships are accepted much more readily than gay male relationships by the general society, pushed by the media as particularly erotic, and tolerated by the predominantly white male power structure for a whole slew of reasons too lengthy to ruminate about in this comment. Those same biases carry over into Second Life. My guess is that it’s just not as easy for gay men with male avs to be open about it. It won’t be so obvious as a gushy I ❀ Betsy pick and a name in the partner box of the profile. Those of you who have been around long enough to have been aware of it, should think of the horrific response of the general population to Arahan Claveau’s Super Fun Happy Club, which was basically forced to close down because of the tremendously hostile griefing that it was subjected to, a loss that happened partly because so few of the straight SL population cared enough to help fight back against the fascist idiots.

    And then the more lighthearted possibility is that whatever the genders and sexual preferences of the people behind the avatars, there’s far more stuff for female avatars in SL, especially if you’re interested in clothing and fashion. Once you get the dolly all dressed up, you have to do something with her, right?

  12. Maybe you should change the name of your blog to – Are we women yet?


  13. @Gillian: LMFAO. Nope, no can do; there’s no Devo reference in that.

  14. Alex, I agree about society’s attitude about lesbianism is much different from attitude towards gay men. And yes, we all know that there is a hell lot of males behind females avatars in SL. But, be sure, those guys are not gay. They might be transgenderers, crossdressers even straight (well, let’s stretch the term for this occasion, ok?) but they are hardly gay. Meet any homosexual man in RL and ask. Gay men like to be men and like to be with men.

  15. No clue

  16. Hmm, interesting, and like the first comment: I have yet to have SLex as well, (Teen grid here, so DUH! :-P) but I guess it is somewhat another personality inside of you which starts developing when you enter the web, and drastically matures when you enter Second Life. For example, there are so many things I rather talk about through my virtual identities, (Smiley Barry, ShadowTSL [Habbo], SmileyMan45 []) and not uncover in real life. And, about homosexuality, i’m guessing the other personality has a sexual orientation of his/her own? πŸ˜‰

    Oh and, Wrath, you forgot to include Bisexuality! What about men who like to be with men and women? πŸ˜›

    ((And don’t get me wrong by not using many emoticons, I smile all the time, just didn’t seem important to put any emoticons in this message :-S))

  17. @Orchid – You do realize you are allowed to say more than two words per comment, right? πŸ˜‰

    @Smiley – Hey, yeah, you’re right, I didn’t delve into bisexuality, huh? Guess I haven’t run across any bi-male avatars yet, and lumped the bi-females with the same sex topic. Oh, and Welcome to AWNM, dude! Always interesting comparing our happenings on the main grid to what you experience on the teen grid – hope it’s all, or mostly, relevant. Meanwhile, I’ll struggle to make sure Alex keeps the pics less than R-rated. πŸ˜‰

  18. My that photo got posted fast. You two certainly seemed to enjoy making that photo….

    Well, here’s my two bits. Let’s take the male population on Second Life. Let’s assume that I have standards to who I want to interact with and play with. Here are my criteria:

    1. My not be an asshole. Yes, it’s true. I get to deal with assholes on and off anytime I want in Real Life. I mute assholes.

    2. Must not be a 15 year-old leet d00d whoz watz to G3t it ozw!

    3. Must be able to spell and make a coherent sentence. Yes, I can misspell. I know when I’m not spelling right – usually. I can also in general make a coherent sentence and logical statements. Sue me if I have standards for mental competence.

    4. Must be able to dress and appear like they actually care what they look like. Because I care what I look like, you can do the same, or at least make an attempt. No, I don’t expect the same level. But pleeze, it’s not hard guys. Make an effort.

    5. I don’t need angst. I have my own angst. I’m in SL to escape it. I really don’t want to hear about your insecurities 15 minutes after meeting you. This is the flip side of being an asshole. Don’t be a mama’s boy.

    6. Be fun. Don’t be a bundle of nerves. Be relaxed, calm and willing to work into a relationship. Rather then be a bundle of angst and distress how about something I don’t have to get the jitters around?

    6a. Don’t be impatient. Don’t rush me. Rushing me makes me anxious.

    6b. Don’t hover. IM’ing me before I’m even fully logged in is hovering. My mother used to hover when I was in 1st grade….

    6c. Hang out with things I like to do, or find something we both like to do. At some point, standing around chatting and watching the paint peel looses it charm. And I have seen just about everything there is to see at a club in SL. Be creative.

    7. Okay, if you want to like have a date, how about actually like planning something? Duh. Make an effort to like find someplace nice to take me and do something. Wow, what a concept! I have had at least half a dozen “dates” end up where it seems I end up doing all of the planning and thinking for the date about 1/3 of the way into the date. Not a good date as far as I’m concerned.

    8. If you pass all of the above criteria, how about being assertive – without being an asshole? Guys are so afraid of rejection that the ones that pass filter 1-7 almost never can seem to get past #8. I don’t know how many times I have talked with the other girls practically pining for a man who’s not an asshole who is assertive.

    9. So you can dress well in #4 and you’ve passed 1-8, so then if you can really look good – okay – hawt – um… now we’re cookin’

    ::sigh:: For example, you boys often miss out that we’re flirting with you guys because we like you. For example – WRATH! – misses the fact that I take him shopping and spend two hours arguing with him over clothing for him to wear. He thinks it’s because I like to argue….

    So, how do all of these women/women relationships start? Because we spend a lot of time together (probably shopping and talking trash about you boys) and start to feel relaxed with each other. Then we start to wonder why we were looking around for boys….

  19. I think it boils down to girls know what girls like best. My best friend is straight and watches girl/girl porn. In sl she has had girl relationships. She gave me some dribble about bond and connecting blah blah blah, but my opinion is she wouldn’t act on it if those feelings weren’t there.
    Then take my gay guy friends, they say the woman’s body does nothing for them so I wouldn’t see them coming on here and using 2 girls to act that out. They wouldn’t get anything from it. What i think happens in the guy case is they do want to see girl on girl and wind up hooking up with a guy as a girl by accident. =)
    And Smiley theres nothing wrong with wanting the best of both worlds is there?

  20. @veyron: lol that’s 9 very goos points. 7 and 8 especially need to be written down over and over again until men get it.

  21. i hate like hell to do a “what they said” comment. but, yeah, points 7 and 8 are well worth a re-read guys. i am also personally very fond of point 6 and all its little children a, b and c. well said veyron!

  22. Awesome response, Veyron! First, thank you so much for the last minute photo shoot last night – pity all the outtakes couldn’t reach the front page, huh? heh Anyway, all good points in your list – but are they negotiable, and if so, how many will you waive off if we meet more than say 40% of your criteria? Come on, you ladies bargain shop, we know you are susceptible to making deals. However, if you are unwilling to bend any of those rules, then we certainly won’t stop you from finding a nice lady to be with. πŸ˜‰

    @Layne – Not sure it does all boil down to something as simple as girls know what girls like best, otherwise wouldn’t that be just as common in RL? You think maybe your friend isn’t completely straight in RL, then?

  23. /me puts her face in hands and shooks: nooooooo…. no 40%
    /me sighs
    see, there is no good thing for cheap. you can get it for free or pay it a lot. but anything else is bad.
    and which 60% you wanted to cut?

  24. @Wrath: Hey, thanks for the warm welcome πŸ˜‰ . And, don’t worry about photos: that’s considered virtual art, which ends up at PG-14, which i’m at that age πŸ™‚ .

    Was going to blog about it, but gotta go to sleep, 12:52AM here. (In Israel)

  25. Media promotion by Showtime? Connection? Relevance? I dunno.

  26. Well, since Veyron started it, it’s only fair that the list goes both ways. πŸ˜‰

    Most of what I’ll say is speaking from experience, but I hope you can see the humor in it too πŸ˜›

    Unlike the women however, I’m easily willing to negotiate. Because in the end only one thing matters. That is: do you give me the feeling I’m floating on clouds whenever I’m around you? That feeling makes up for at least half of the points in this list.

    1) Must not be a bitch. Speaks for itself.

    2) Must not be jailbait.

    3) Must be able to form coherent sentences and spell at least semi-intelligently. Must speak proper English. Though personally I’m flexibly, I am learning my 5th language atm, so if you wish, we can always come to an agreement πŸ˜›
    3a) Must not be an XCite or whatever other clickfest-system addict. Nothing beats the human mind when it comes to creative and varied play.

    4) Must be able to dress and appear in style. No blingtards, no skins that look lubricated from head to toe, no cleavage or buttcrack the size of the Grand Canyon. No nipples the size of the Eiffel Tower. Love already makes people blind enough, I don’t need the bling to blind me even more.

    5) Never, *ever* ask: “Does my ass look big in this skirt?” Or any other form of that question. I rather not deal with 24/7 insecurity. And no, you didn’t gain weight. Unless you were so stupid to fiddle with your shape sliders again. I told you, I’ll gladly make you your own custom shape by *your* specifications if you can’t figure out how this thing works.
    5a) Once we’ve become good friends, I don’t mind if you come cry on my shoulder about temporary insecurities. But I’m a guy, don’t expect me to just listen and do nothing else.. I *will* offer advice and I *will* try to fix the problem even if you don’t ask me to. Blame the way my brain is wired: you give me a problem, I attempt to fix it.
    5b) Detect sarcasm. Yes, I will say that you look fat if you ask me that question a dozen times. That doesn’t mean I’m serious, or even that I disrespect you. It just means I would rather end this line of questioning and move on to something else (and no, I’m not talking sex this time, though it’s a possibility).

    6) Be fun. It’s ok to sit on the couch crying if there’s an actual problem. It’s not ok to sit on the couch crying every hour of every day without reason.
    6a) Be patient. Don’t blackmail me one week after meeting you into partnering you. Don’t blackmail me two weeks after meeting you into proposing to you.
    6b) I constantly have stuff arriving into my inventory (group gifts, items to blog about). So whenever I’m AFK for Real world emergencies, I never set Busy status. When I get back home from driving my real world grandfather to ER, don’t get mad at me for not IMing you the moment you logged in. As much as I like you, I’m not letting my grandfather die for you (even though I would love to get my hands on the inheritance already).
    6c) I really do like the house you built. But why oh why do you expect us to spend every logged in moment sitting in the couch with you? The reason I bought you that car you kept begging for, and that surfboard that according to you looked fun, is so that we can go out and use them. Not so we can go sit on our couch and watch them gather dust in your inventory.
    6d) When I say I want to do something fun, that doesn’t mean you immediately have to sigh at me, claim you have a headache, and then begin to strip and spread your legs, making clear you only do it for my pleasure. I actually don’t care that much for sex. I’d rather do something that we both enjoy.

    7) So I find out you like ambient music and trees. Ok, how about a date to the botanic gardens, I’m even bringing a prim picnic basket I built myself just for you. Oh dammit, some 14 year old griefer crashed the sim. Don’t blame me, I’m probably even more disappointed than you.

    8) Have some confidence in yourself. I mean, if you really were as ugly as the backside of a goat, I wouldn’t be trying this hard to be with you (unless you’re implying I like goats). OTOH, this doesn’t mean that you are the virtual definition of the word beauty either. When you believe noobs are a lower lifeform deserving a holocaust because they offend your sensitive fashionista eyes, then I don’t want anything to do with you.

    9) Not the most necessary of my points, though it’s a plus. If I have the choice, I’d prefer if you looked unique. Let’s say I would login to SL with names above people’s heads disabled. If you stand in a pack of other women, I would appreciate if I could recognise you without much trouble. This doesn’t mean you need to look extremely hawt since everyone can look hot in SL by throwing enough money at Designer Stores. It’s looking unique that costs effort and proves to me you’re an interesting person.

    BONUS) This is a virtual world. So yes, I didn’t buy virtual condoms because I didn’t even know people were so fucked up in their head to roleplay virtual STDs and virtual pregnancies. Who would want to raise a fucking child in a world like Second Life? Sorry ma’am, but you need to see a psychiatrist. And I mean a real one at that. So don’t look me up a few weeks after *you dumped me* with a prim baby in your hands. And if you do, definitely don’t demand that I pay you a weekly amount of Lindens for the rest of eternity. And no, I don’t buy your STD story either. I just ran a scrubber script on my avatar, happy now? No more virtual AIDS.

  27. Wait! Stop!
    Are you made up a fun story or a girl actually showed up “few weeks after with a prim baby in her hands”?

  28. Oh my god, PLEASE tell me someone didn’t show up with a prim baby and a case of SLcrabs on your doorstep.

    Great list, Daman. It’s nice to see a guy who knows what he wants and the list isn’t “Have huge boobs and bring me a beers.”

  29. “you made up a fun story or a girl actually showed up”

    Well, she did appear, and of course in the middle of a date. Though I think she appeared more to scare away the girl I began dating after her, than to scare me – she should have known I would laugh it away myself.

  30. OK, she got 9 points for creativity, 10 for freakyness. You shot her, right?

  31. @veyron – three cheers for criteria #8 – assertive without being an asshole.

    @daman – your criteria for women scares me. Only because it seems like you have a knack for picking up the most psychotic of women, or 14 year old girls who sneak onto the main grid (point #2?) who might do all the other behaviors you screen for. sheesh.

  32. Meh

  33. If this in inappropriate you guys can remove this post and I will understand – but I did just write a blog article (Jan. 6 “Knocked Up While the Grid is Down”) about SL birth control for those of you who wish to avoid having the same thing happen to you as to Daman. I only mention it because it is topical.

  34. It would be great if you left us a link too πŸ™‚

  35. Sorry –

    Felt odd about being “self-promoting”….oops. Enjoy.

  36. @Orchid: LMFAO
    @tymmerie: Don’t worry about it at all–it’s part of the bigger discussion and funny as hell.

    And just to throw more anecdotal crap into the hopper, I just came across/remembered this exchange in my flickr stream.

  37. >>>>I actually don’t care that much for sex. I’d rather do something that we both enjoy.

    Ok, that totally blew it for me.

  38. @myg: That’s why I screen now πŸ˜› I used to be a lot easier-going on those things

    @orchid: What I meant is: of course I enjoy sex, but only if she does too. But why have sex with someone who doesn’t like it? I might as well go for a rubber doll then.

  39. If she doesn’t like it you’ve got bigger issues on your hands besides her big ass:P

  40. LOL.

    Quite true on that one πŸ˜›

  41. OMG! Orchid said more than two words?? LOL ’bout time.

    @Tymmerie – totally relevant, and totally hilarious article, nice post! and Welcome! by the way. πŸ™‚

    @Daman – still agreeing with all your points, but I wonder about #5 – is it ever acceptable to pull out a pre-made female shape and hand it to a girl on the first date, or do you think maybe that’s something best not presented until in a committed relationship? hehe Someone needs to try that and get back to us. πŸ˜‰

  42. Please don’t tell me that there are as many all-female couples in RL as displayed in SL, because I’m just not buying it. I always did say you live in a country where you miss out on all fun, didn’t I? (PS. before you start planning the move, this is just a joke. ;))

  43. PS. Mr. Daman Tenk, you’re hired! πŸ˜‰ I’m even willing to work on my English and learn French and German together? :p

  44. acceptable to pull out a pre-made female shape and hand it to a girl on the first date Dear Wrath, if I _ever_ see or hear of you doing such a thing to whichever SL girl I’ll first LMPAO and then hunt you over sim borders! In the end you’ll have no place to go, except for WoW. Really, that’s just _too_ cruel. We can’t help it sliders were a bit unlogical on the day we rezzed. They still are actually. =d

  45. Euhm. Make ‘to’ out of ‘too’ will you. *swearsΒ²* There goes my semi-intelligent spelling and chance at Mr. Tenk.

    Β² in a very girly way

  46. Okay after scrooooooooolling down all the responses…

    I’ve definitely noticed a huge trend of girl/girl couples, especially after DJing for a few months at a Lesbian sim. Some are males behind the Avatars but that’s usually given away if they refuse to use Voice.

    I’m bi IRL but I’ve managed to stay away from most of the lesbian stuff because it seems to be the ‘in thing’ or something. It’s WAY too hyped, IMHO. If I meet a nice girl, that’s great but it won’t happen just because ‘everyone else is doing it.’

    And also, I think gay men have come a long way from where they were just 10-20-30 years ago due to things like ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’, ‘Jeffrey’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain’. I doubt as many women would get aroused by watching two guys but… you also have to realize that in Greek and Roman (and even Japanese) societies back in the day, homoeroticism was seen as an extension of friendship and devotion.

  47. @ Vint : We can simply speak Dutch? I’m Belgian too. Besides, nothing wrong with spelling errors like to/too. Those happen to everyone. What bothers me is the u instead of you kind of chat lingo.

    @ Wrath : I never tried that. If I make shapes for a girl, it’s after she told me what she likes. I considered making a store for shapes in the past. But it didn’t really motivate me to make stuff for mass-consumption. I just stick to free stuff for friends now.

    Still, I’m wondering as well now what the response would be to that situation.

  48. […] “Did Second Life make me gay?” […]

  49. That’s right..
    I often wonder what the women would say if they were meet with the same high standards from men as the demand themselves.I just shake my head when i read a profile where some points like this is lined up.
    I like men. I like to chat and dance with them. I don’t expect them to be 100% goodlooking, wellspoken, devoted to worship me and spend a fortune on me.
    Of course I get hit on by guys who I’m not intersted in, but I don’t make a big deal of it. I politly turn them down and forget about it. There are assholes out there, but the most is OK enough to talk and dance with.
    If I will go longer than that, there must be some point of “click” between us. And I don’t mean the click when 2 xcite parts are connected, LOL. I don’t have xcite stuff, but why has so many men with that? Isn’t it realistic cocks out there that are modify and can be set in different positions without all that (boring standard) talk?

  50. Marianna, I agree. There is nothing I hate worse than a cock that lacks conversational skills. Pfft.

  51. @Daman: Ok, graag croissants, Γ©chte boter, kiwi en een stukje sjokolade in die mand. En vergeet de champagne niet! πŸ˜‰ Ik heb nog een mooi roos dekentje met ‘paw prints’ dat ik van Veronique gekregen heb. :d

  52. w00t! Looks like a connection is made. Because my translator tells me Vint said: “Okay, five croissants with butter, a kiwi, and one soft drink stuck in your CENSORED–sounds like a champagne night to me. I have no tiny moose rules, but my ‘paw prints’ that are Van Gogh-like will look good on your back. :d”

  53. Hahaha Alex. For once, the automatic translator is 100% correct. :p

    @Vint: Klinkt goed voor mij. Ik zal het laten weten als die af is. πŸ˜‰

  54. Alex, your translator should work on it’s knowledge of the Dutch language a bit more: mand = basket, not CENSORED. πŸ˜€

  55. @Vint: It censored it because we all know what “basket” is a euphemism for. πŸ˜›

    And for our non-Dutch-speaking readers, Daman’s last comment to Vint says: “Click it good for me. I shall hit your leather chaps while you give it your all.” Sounds sexier in Dutch.

  56. En oh, koffie mag je zeker niet vergeten! Ik zal mijn uiterste best doen een taart te bakken voor erbij, maar euhm… verwacht hier niet te veel van.

    (Ik vind het veel te leuk Alexander zijn vertaalwoede te voeden. Een waar genot. :p)

  57. Ok, now you’re really putting the translator to work. But here’s what we think Vint just wrote:

    “And oh, coffee makes the sugar nights very good! It’s in my interest to be doing it like a tart you bake for Herbie, my um… gigolo hired at night to eat veal in the van.

    “(I kind of hate veal, but like Alexander in a virtual world I eat it. Even for brunch. :P)”

    Europeans have strange mating rituals and even stranger conversations, but here at AWNM we explain the world to you, even if we’re totally wrong.

  58. I hope it’s now clear to everyone why we hired Alexander for his translation skills – are they not remarkable, people?? See how he is able to pull together this global community? And share with us this bonding of Vint and Daman – it’s beautiful, man, I think I got a tear in my eye. AWNM encourages everyone of any nationality to post comments, and we’ll know exactly what you mean.

    Eating veal in a van, that’s so hot.

  59. I have no tiny moose rules either.

  60. Scandalous, Gillian. I am just so stunned – I never even suspected.

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  62. I can tell you I did it in real life and in the sims because women treat me better. I started fantasying about someone that would know me, would want to talk and grow together. I m not just a warm fuck hole to women, I am a person. I used to be attracted to men only but after being with women I don’t know why I ever was.

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