Top 5 2008 SL Motorcycles

What really are men without their toys? We all know that a sweet set of wheels is an essential rite of manhood. There is nothing like the smell of burning rubber, the rush of adrenaline from pushing your machine to its limit, or the pulse pounding excitement of climbing all over that accelerator as you feel your front wheel leaving the road.

We promised you guest bloggers, and I have our first guest to introduce, Joker Speedwell. Who better qualified to go out there and scour the garages of SL to find you the top 5 bikes, than a gentleman who has dedicated his life to motorcycles. He has raced bikes since he was 4 years old, he can pull off more tricks than a hooker on an army base, and he knows one speed: balls to the wall flat out!!

Take it away… Joker

BUSA Creator: Raver Bellow

While testing this bike I found some ups and downs. First the ups! The menu is extremely easy to use and understand offering all kinds of nice options. A few of my fav’s:

  • “USERS” which allows you to choose who you want to ride the bike, preventing knuckleheads from taking off while your back is turned!
  • 4 paint and 7 wheel packages allow you to make this bike your own! Gawd knows the last thing you want is to look like the “Bobsie Twins” while your out riding with your buddies!
  • “UNSIT” This is a 2 up optional machine and once again you can control whether or not you want someone to jump on the back or not! Great for “Noob Control”!

It comes with a easy to read HUD and a menu driven helmet that allows you to match the bike. Speed! This bike has it! Find an area that’s flat and straight and HOLD ON!!!! Once you hit that “NOS” your GONE! 6 Gears and “boost” lets you rip up the Drag Strips! The sound effects are good allowing you to hear your bike rev and the NOS to purge! Smoky burn-outs are a fun way to show this bike off! It also hovers and like most of the bikes here is on an update server to give you the newest options the creator has to offer!

Turning to the downsides the first is the lack of camera angle options. This bike has a “behind the rider view only” which can be fine so long as your PC is fast enough to rez the track in front of you at speed or if the bike itself doesn’t go Mach 3!!!. It really needs an option to get an overhead view giving more time to rez the track while at speed. The handling is good, but it is difficult to master the twisties on the road course with a behind view. This bike is not scalable, which in my case having a shorter AV made the seating position off, keeping me high up on the tank and out of the saddle. The style is rather boxy, lacking the realistic curves and contours (especially in the front end) that I’ve seen from some of the other testers. It does comes with a Hover mode, but there is no visual change to the bike, only sound effects.

Make no mistake it is a great looking bike! A good creation from a top known and respected creator!

Supreme Beast Creator: Motor Loon

*Breaths Deep* Once again folks we’re back at Mooz doing the deed we embarked on! That deed was to find the best of the best! Another fine creator has risen from the pile with a creation that is nothing short of BADAZZ!!!! Introducing the 2008 Supreme Beast Custom Chopper by Motor Loon! Chock full O options, I have to admit its one of the easiest riding machines I’ve had the pleasure of placing my pixeled azz upon! Boasting a 5 speed tranny with reverse and boost its a very sweet ride indeed! The realistic V-Twin sound is like it was recorded straight from the tail pipes of a short cut Big Dog in the garage!

List of goodies :

  • A free helmet
  • Adjustable seating for both you and an optional passenger.
  • Countless custom paint and graphic combos sure to make you the envy of all your friends
  • multiple wheel selections
  • multiple horn selections
  • a sound volume option for when your just in the mood for a nice quiet ride
  • Bling on and off options for those laggy sims
  • functional head light
  • Re-Init and re-config function to reset scripts and allow the bike to reset its physical settings in case you wind up plastered across two sims worth of asphalt.
  • Wheelies, stoppies, smoky burn-outs, and high speed turn control allowing you to take tight twisties at speed!

The possibilities for fun are endless on this machine! And a humorous owners manual will touch on all the above while putting a grin on your mug! While I will say its not the most scripted creation in this review. It has PLENTY of toys to keep you coming back for more! Great looks and easy to use, this one is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Excellent job Motor Loon! If quality is what your looking for then this bike is worth the price at….4000L

Secret Dreams Custom Chopper Creator: Nadia Lassally

Well finally!!!! Chalk one up for the Ladies folks! It’s a SL replica of the real deal! Nadia has done a fine job with the details and this bike is another excellent example of taking the RL passion of motorcycling and bringing it in world for all to enjoy!

Ok lets begin. To start with I really like the HUD! Its super simplified!! No tiny buttons to struggle with and it controls all the primary functions of the bike. The Hover Mode is a nice touch and is scripted to look and sound the part! This beautiful machine comes with some nice goodies!

A few of my favs are:

  • The 7 optional wheel choices
  • a way cool horn
  • the Rev button makes a cranking sound effect as if your outta gas!
  • The hud controls a 6 speed Tranny so you can cruise at the speed appropriate for the sim your in
  • Burn out button!

While this is by no means a race bike, its really not meant to be. Its updateable, and has the lines and curves of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model!! There’s no paint option on this bike….but that’s because it’s meant to be an”Exacting Replica”! Handling is adjustable via that all controlling hud again, by selecting the steering level thats just right for your riding situation. All and all a very reasonable Price at 1050L for a bike as well put together as this!

Hawk 10R v1.6 Creator: Les White

In its racy red, white, and blue paint it’s a real nice looker! Options on this bike are all menu controlled and include:

  • paint
  • tire trim
  • suspension
  • seating
  • gearing
  • braking
  • camera controls
  • steering and much more!

I must admit I’m a big fan of this creator and his bikes and I have his 999 Super Bike in my own garage. Handling on this bike is awesome! With realistic riding positions and a simple nifty hud it’s a fun bike to ride even in the laggy sims. This bike offers a very realistic slide and crash motion for the turns you just can’t negotiate! Definitely well worth the buy for any serious track rider. It’s one up riding only allows single riders but in this case it’s well worth it! DONT EXPECT THIS BIKE TO HOVER! It’s about as authentic as it gets and updates regularly! Les White the creator is selling his creation for 1000L and trust me it is well worth the price!

Predator Custom Chopper Creator: HD Pomeray

I have a new personal favorite in the Chopper Class!!!!! And It is none other than HD Pomeray’s 2008 Predator Custom!!!! And boy do I mean custom!!!!! It has more colors than you could ever need, the ability to change the finish, and killer graphics for the tank. If that isn’t good enough for you, Mr. Pomeray has informed me that he can do just about any custom paint work you can come up with (for a fee of course) and add them to your menu!! The style is slick!!! Totally menu driven, Its drive chain/sprocket assembly actually rotates as the wheel move which really looks great doing those smoky burn outs!!! 8 Sets of wheels to choose from, each and every one of them custom hand painted, hovers with an excellent script for the effects, camera controls, volume controls, handling settings & what HD has Named “Power Turn” allowing you to take the twisties at full speed up to around fourth gear. Fifth gear switches to an “impulse” drive system. And 6th gear is totally meant for the Strip!!!! (.3 sec. @ 599 mph at Silver). While you can use the “Power Turn” through all gears it’s just not recommended…anyone who has ever tried to make a full on 90 degree turn at top speed in RL would understand the irrationality behind this and would also be dead.

Some additional features:

  • This bike is scalable and has seat adjustment so there’s no way your not going to like your AV’s riding position!
  • custom driver and passenger poses
  • headlights
  • 12 different horn selections
  • and just soooo much more!!!!

I can’t begin to imagine the countless hours that were spent on building , testing, and tweaking this bike. It works perfectly! It is 29 prims so your not swallowing up all yours to show it off in your driveway. You really have to see it to believe it folks! There is so much BANG for your linden in this bike that its a steal at 2500 L . I’d like to thank HD Pomeray for setting the SL bike bar so high it was an absolute pleasure to ride this bike!!!!! EXCELLENT WORK BRO!!!!!!So there ya have it people!!! I hope you have as much fun shopping around to find your new bike as I had trying to help guide you through some great choices! Very sincere thanks to all of the creators who participated! Without your talent, skills, and passion, SL wouldn’t be nearly as fun or interesting! I wish you all only the very best in the future!

And a very special thank you to Les White for the use of his facilities during testing and photoshoots for this event!!!

By guest blogger: Joker Speedwell


~ by hawksrock on January 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “Top 5 2008 SL Motorcycles”

  1. Thanks Joker for testing the Secret Dream.
    It’s nice to see it on the site here.
    Keep up the good work you do 🙂
    Greetings, Nadia

  2. wow, awesome post Joker!! all the tech bits, i confess, went skidding over my head but dude, u write a great post .. all that research, u were clearly happier than a pig in another pig!! hi5! Team Kick Ass – Bringin’ It!!!

  3. Great write-up Joker! One additional piece of advice for people is that if you are racing on some of the awesome tracks around SL and having issues with the track rezzing in front of you, it is typically recommended to crank up your draw distance higher than you normally would to help alleviate some of that problem.

  4. So where are these awesome tracks? And if I hang around one of them will I get an offer of a ride?

    I so would love to test out the passenger seat of one of these.

  5. i have a indy style race track and i have a bike display in the middle would love to have one of your bikes on display there here are the requirements and more info etc .
    , slurl

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