Where the girls were: Glam World 1/13/08

the crowd at Glam World, 1/13/08

The opening of Torrid Midnight’s exhibition at Glam World was the place to be yesterday. “Sure, Burgess,” you’re thinking. “Don’t bullshit us. Your fiancée dragged you to some godawful art opening and you don’t have anything cool to write about today because you didn’t do anything cool and you’re just trying to cover it up.” Wrong. While the rest of you were out tooling around some sim being flogged by RL marketers from Hollywood or Japan, and pretending it was actually worthwhile, I was where all the hot women were.

Whenever I hear guys complain they can’t find a girl, I think of course you can’t, you’re probably looking in the wrong places. The girls are not in the new Bassmaster’s sim trading tips on homemade fish structures. Sure, lots of women like to fish. But they don’t do it in groups. If you want a target-rich environment, you go where they gather. Just click on the photo above and take a gander at the large size. The female-to-male ratio is 10:1. And I took this photo right at the start. It got much more crowded than this.

Torrid Midnight, 1/13/08, at her opening

Torrid Midnight. She gave a gracious interview explaining how she works from the concept to the final piece and set several of her photographs for sale. One of them would be an original gift for your girlfriend, or a good way to impress someone on a second or third date.

Gillian Waldman

The always lovely Gillian Waldman, editor of Deux Looks, without whom I would not have known about the event. She conducted a great interview with Torrid. At least I think it was great. I have to admit I was distracted by the artwork and the hot pixels, and was taking a lot of photographs.

Minnu and Thora

Minnu Palen and Thora Charron. Minnu is the designer of the incredible Minnu Model free skin I’ve been sporting lately. Don’t worry, Minnu, I’m going to go out and buy one from you as soon as I cobble together enough dj tips.

Antonia Marat

Antonia Marat, the brilliance behind Artilleri. I was wearing a shirt she designed. Of course, someone else told me to buy it. But still, I almost felt like I had taste. I could taste taste.

DJ Ducky Watanabe at Torrid Midnight's Glam opening, 1/13/08

DJ Duckyfresh Watanabe kept the crowd entertained.

random cool looking dude and me

Mygdala March and as she says “a random cool looking dude.” He obviously didn’t make much of an impression beyond this, because if he did, she would have remembered his name. Sable Slade is in the background, silent and gorgeous as ever.

gillian and aradia

Gillian Waldman and Aradia Dielli of FACES.

Bongo Oldbull at Torrid Midnight's opening

Bongo Oldbull, co-owner of the Doll City sim. He knew where the action was.

Callie Cline, Burgess

Here’s proof that I was there. Staring at Callie Cline‘s carburetor, of course. She went blond a few minutes later. Probably thinking I wouldn’t recognize her.

And now you’re probably saying, “Okay, Burgess, I should have been there. But that still doesn’t explain what you were doing there; you’ve already got a girlfriend.” If I hadn’t gone, I wouldn’t be able to let you know you missed it. I was taking one for the team. Now, can someone please tell me about the I Am Legend sim?


~ by Alex on January 14, 2008.

30 Responses to “Where the girls were: Glam World 1/13/08”

  1. Nice Post, Alex! Looks like the place to be yesterday!!

  2. Okay, why don’t I ever get the cush reporting assignments like that?? Wow, way to take one for the team Alex, we totally owe you one… not! Bastard. You know my number – I get no invite? Afraid of a little 10:2 ratio? Of course, I probably would not have been able to focus enough to get actual photos, so I do have to give you mad props there. Well done, dude.

  3. what part of Callie Cline counts as her carburetor, anyway?

  4. haha – glad you could make it :DD

  5. Thanks Gillian – it really was fun, despite crowd lag, and Torrid’s photography is beautiful. Thanks for encouraging her to set it for sale!

  6. so you *are* just going to be another fashion blog?

  7. @Blitzkrieg… Did Alex even once mention clothing, or say the word clothing in that post? Did he comment on what so and so was wearing, or probably even know what the hell they were wearing?? Is there not a hot chick in EVERY single pic but one in this post? Or are you saying that real men can’t appreciate art and photography? Regardless, I am not seeing anything remotely smacking of fashion blog in this post, other than the fact it was a big event that most likely will be covered by other blogs (some of which will be fashion.) Therefore, I don’t see any relevance in your comment.

    Let me note: there is a good chance that at some point in the future we may slip in a fashion article, but even THEN we still will not be “just another fashion blog” because one post here and there does not a fashion blog make.

  8. Well, BB, if you managed to get any fashion tips whatsoever from that article, then by all means… though some would say you completely missed the point of this article, especially considering the first four words of the title of this post. (PS – I think the article is about art, actually, although I can see how easily it is to get distracted from the pictures of all the hot babes who were in attendance.)

  9. There was art there?

  10. (Shhhh! I don’t know, it just sounded like a good argument at the time. As if Blitz Bop actually reads a post before commenting, anyway. )

  11. I really wanted to go, too but I was stuck DJing and such. Looks like it was a beautiful show (I mean the art more than the chicks who went)!

    Great post, Alex!

  12. @hawksrock…Far be it from me to say what real men can and can’t appreciate. I’m just sitting here trying to figure out what you guys must be like in real life. I’m picturing paunchy gents who hang out in sports bars for some reason…

  13. @blitzkrieg bop: when I try to imagine you in RL, I imagine a stout little troll holding a little spoon for some reason…

  14. Taking a look at the big version of the crowd picture, I noticed a very interesting thing … the name “Alexander Burgess” seems to be hovering over a FEMALE avie, while the usual Alex avie is nowhere to be seen. Is it possible that Alex went there in disguise? 😉

  15. Lol how funny Myg. Thanks for the mental picture. hahaha

  16. @Timothy: Sorry to disappoint — the av my name is hovering over is duckyfresh Watanabe, the dj. I just happen to be behind her out of the picture. And believe me, if I was there in drag, I’d be plastering pictures of my bad self everywhere. Kinda like Hawks did when he had the chance.

    @Myg: you left “green” out of your description of blitz.

  17. Why a little spoon? I’m intrigued.

  18. You know, I feel for BB. He made a one line throwaway comment that was at least mildly funny (certainly no less funny than some of the stuff you guys have been coming up with) and the 3 of you came down on him like a ton of acid dipped barbed wire wrapped bricks. And then your minions joined in. I mean, couldn’t you just have ignored him if you didn’t think much of his comment? No, wait, I forget, you’re real men, not decent human beings.
    And I get it: this comment area is a sandbox for you and your little clique to play round, and you’ll just bully who you want to. No, not because you’re real though guys who like drinking beer and look at semi naked women and blow things up (yes, these things are fun), but because you can, and it’s such fun. Bitches is what you are (it’s time this word stopped being gender specific anyway). And if you think the reason I’m writing this anonymously is because I don’t want to be a target for your bullying (sure, you’ll have different words for it), you’re f*&&* right. I have news for you: some of us, behind the avatar, are human beings. Maybe one day, when you grow up, if you ever do, you’ll understand.

  19. @anonymous: Your comment shows that you haven’t been following any of this. If you had followed BB’s comments across several posts, you’d see that he or she (great gender assumption, anonymous) is the antagonist, not us. Nice job taking a stand for the “innocent,” but the next time you might want to do a little research first.

  20. Wow, why do I have the feeling if BB had an alt, it would be called ‘anonymous’.

    Read what Alex just said – and maybe you’d realize BB likes to post comments directed at the authors, not the actual blog content. That ‘mildly funny’ one line throwaway comment actually made no sense in this context, but since we appreciate attempts at sarcasm, no matter how futile, we let the comment stay in case anyone (like yourself, Anon) might somehow find it amusing – no need to thank us, btw. Sorry if we didn’t respond to your liking, however. We weren’t trying to bully anyone, it’s probably just more people thought the comment was lame than not that gave you that impression.

    Thanks for the new tagline, though: Are We Not Men? “Bitches is what you are.” I like it. 🙂

  21. ummm, can I just say LOL!

  22. if you’re all ‘bitches’… does that make us girls ‘dicks’?

  23. I’m not antagonizing….I’m just havin’ a little fun with some nice old men!

    Anon isn’t me…and I do appreciate the recognition of bullying, but then you guys never tried to hide what you are.

    And actually, Wrath, I was criticizing the “blog content.” You’re a bunch of SL mavens, just like the rest of ’em, doing blog posts about “art” openings. And, in case you haven’t noticed (though why would you…you spend too much time reading *each other’s* blogs), everyone and I do mean EVERYONE is doing posts on sex in Second Life, and how riproarin’ funny it can be when things go wrong (although, I do have to say, that post was rather humorous, especially the sea monkey reference, so bravo to ya, whoever wrote that one (I’m too lazy to look)).

    So yeah, cheers, guys. Good on ya for leaving the comments up. I still didn’t get an answer about the spoon.

  24. And actually, Wrath, I was criticizing the “blog content.”
    My bad, BB, it’s just when you say things like “Maybe you guys should stick to WoW?” or “I’m picturing paunchy gents who hang out in sports bars for some reason…” I just thought that seemed more directed at the people writing the blog, than what the actual blog post referred to. Sorry if I misinterpreted your meaning – sometimes my paunch gets in the way and prevents me from playing WoW, so I tend to get a bit cranky, perhaps.

    And I sincerely hope you haven’t felt bullied – but whenever you direct your comments to “you guys” well, you can expect to receive at least three responses, n’est–ce pas?

    Anyway, we get the hint, we know how you feel about us.

    But before you go, just wanted to add – everything I’ve learnt about spoons, I learned here. 🙂

  25. Question… Blitz, you seem to despise this blog’s content as well as the people behind it, so why are you here again…? Why bother reading a blog that’s “just like the rest of ’em”, writing about art and sex, what everyone else is doing…? You’re so above that, right? And what’s your blog address again? All I get is a blank page when I click your name. Unless that’s supposed to be symbolic and deep… Which, in that case, I’m in awe of your wit.
    Sigh… So misunderstood…

  26. Blitzkrieg Bop <<<<< Needs a nice tall glass of cunty time lemonade.

  27. It was a made-up URL, that just happened to exist. And no, anunusniziantante, I don’t fancy myself misunderstood, “HUN.” Now hie yourself over to the boys’ sim so they can give ya a good fucking. You too, charming Orchid. *blink*

    Wrath, you disappoint. You’ve always been nice to me in world.

  28. Sounds like you’re the one that could use a good fucking, sweetie.


  29. Okay Blitz, you probably already know this, but possibly not all of our readers do, and I want to be very clear. You are a troll.

    Here’s your first comment on Jan. 5:
    “Maybe you guys should stick to WoW?”
    An ad hominem personal attack. And from there it degenerates. So don’t try and act as if you’ve been debating content with us. You’re a troll.

    And the way you treat people who you already have a relationship with inworld is to post anonymous inflammatory comments on his/their blog? If you really had some issue with the blog, and any respect for other people, especially acquaintances and possibly friends, you would talk to them about it. You don’t. You’re a troll.

    I’m afraid it’s you who disappoints.

  30. Jeez Blitz. If you can’t see how antagonistic, offensive and troll-like your comments have been then you need to go get a social skills check. Every time you type you make a personal dig at the boys. You are a victim of your own making here.

    If you keep poking a dog with a stick it’s gonna bite, you ass. Doesn’t matter how “nice” the dog is to you in person (when you’re probably mercifully inhibited and keeping your victim rage thing in check).

    Oh and another thing. If you think this is bullying, you haven’t been on enough playgrounds and sure shouldn’t be trying to play as rough as you do.

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