Men’s Guide to FinanciaL$ Success

You’re a n00b and you are broke. We’ve all been there, done that, and rue’d the day.

And much like in the RL, you quickly realize, without some cold hard cash, you’re never going to catch the eye of the girl you’ve been lusting after. What’s a guy to do?

Camping is bad!If you said “camp,” then I’m afraid we’re gonna have to smack you upside the head with a wet mackarel. Just say no to camping! Of course, if you are new to SL, then you won’t fully understand or appreciate why there is such a growing hatred towards all things that are camping.

Okay, so camping is out, and you’re still desperate, so you’ve resorted begging. Well, we appreciate that you were man enough to swallow your pride for a few minutes there, but really, what respectable (or otherwise) gal is gonna come running into your arms once she sees you asking for handouts just so you can take her on a date? Although this would be a good ploy if you are trying to land a sugar mama, and we are tempted to try that one ourselves. But we digress…

You were probably hoping to take those few L$’s you begged for and throw it all down on black 13 while watching the roulette ball spin it’s way to your good fortune. Until you realized, hey, what the… Yes, that’s right, gambling has been banished in SL — looks like you’re gonna have to earn your money the old fashioned way.

No, not talking about male prostitution. Yet.

No, you are thinking old school money — ah, yes, the stock market. Your dad and grandpa always told you about wise investments and saving money by putting it in the bank, earning interest and building up a little something something to pass on to your own children. This sounds like a respectable trade and heck, what girl wouldn’t fall in love with a Charlie Sheen type from the movie Wall Street, right? And hey, even Vin Diesel did Boiler Room, which was all about trading — and the chicks dig him, right?

Oh snap. Foiled again! The banking industry is totally in turmoil these days, with the likelihood of absolutely none of them remaining after the 22nd of this very month of January. No hope for big gains before then, in fact, everyone seems to be taking their funds elsewhere.

Maybe prostitution isn’t looking too bad, by now. Only thing is, as a n00b, at this point you’re going to need to spend a LOT more money than you realize if you are to even book a trick. Sure, it takes money to make money, but that might easier said than done if you were a chick. (We won’t get into the option of making a female alt for this purpose, but you wouldn’t be the only guys out there doing the same)

So, what’s left? Well, there’s scripting or creating and building stuff, which might take a while for your brand name to get proper exposure to start raking in the dough. There’s the real estate market, but if you have money for land, then you already have enough money to impress that chick up there dancing on the pole. And don’t even think about being a hired assasin — we’ve tried it and people just don’t stay as dead as long in SL as in RL, which leads to more refunds than we care to think about.

No, my friend, our suggestion to you is this. Buy some Linden$ you cheap bastard! You will not believe how far $10 US will actually go in this virtual world and allow you to spend more of your time having fun rather than exerting as much effort in SL to make cash as you already do in your RL!

Admittedly, this article was filled with less than much useful information and we apologize. If you or someone you know can clue us in on how to make a quick, honest buck in SL, please get those comments coming!


~ by Wrath on January 17, 2008.

18 Responses to “Men’s Guide to FinanciaL$ Success”

  1. AWESOME advice. It is a complete waste of your fun time to try to earn Lindens, and $10 does go a long way. If you don’t want to use a credit card, who doesn’t have a Paypal account these days? That’s also a plus in the date dept. When you have some payment info on file, it builds a bit of credibility.
    I mean, do you really want to scrub the Bukake Bliss bathroom with a toothbrush for 12L an hour? Unless your into that stuff, then its just icing on the cake. Mmmmm cake.

  2. Yeah, totally, and I think you can even purchase L$ from SLexchange without payment info on file, right? Super easy.

    Wait, are you telling me there just might be a chance of discovering pictures of Orchid back in the day scrubbing the bathroom floor with a toothbrush for cash?? Oh please let it be true! And please let AWNM get their hands on said photos!! hehe

  3. Yes, you can do the SLX money thing without having payment info on file.

    This topic was brought up in the SLX forums, actually. It was suggested that the noobs take advantage of the money trees, and head to contests at clubs to try to win whatever cash prize is offered there. Of course, they’d have to be a super charming noob to win contests at most clubs, but it can be done. 🙂 Plus there are trivia & other legal games that give out money for prizes and allow you to have fun with others that are playing.

  4. Good point – actually most of my n00b income was from playing trivia – but for me, it often never amounted to much L$ due to all the competition and low prize payout most games offered, and I soon found myself spending all my time trying to track down one trivia game after another and not having any time to for anything else. Plus, I was never good at turning a hobby into a job, because then I’d grow to loathe it. But still, it was definitely free money and a great group of people to hang with. Thanks for the reminder, Alicia! 🙂

  5. Winning club contests was my very first SL income actually 😉

    Especially if you’re a guy it’s really damn easy. In most clubs you’ll be the only one, or at least the only one without a noob skin. 0 competition, especially considering too many clubs separate women and men contests 😛

  6. *narrows eyes to read the last lines and shakes her head* I guess you’ve just given the most useful information till now 😛 An investment of only a few dollars (or euros in my case) can make you feel soooooo rich!
    And I guess I’ve been very lucky in my noob days when I found a club where my (also noob) bf and I were often the only not-staff joining in the contest and took away the prize money quite often (ok admit.. we were freaks if it came to dressing up) 😉

  7. I was in SL for 2 and a half months before I bought any Lindens (whaddayya mean, tip the DJ?). Then one night I was TPed into Clockwork, took a look at Myg, Alex and the gang and it was…ok, time to evolve! That opened a pipeline from my wallet to the “Buy Lindens” menu item that continues to this day. Despite being a clothes horse(‘s ass), I spend most of my Lindens tipping musicians & DJ’s…lol.

  8. BRAVO!! Time is money – just buy a few bucks worth of Lindens and you can do some amazing things. You don’t need much if you are smart about it. Time is money and who has the time to waste camping or striping? (And really, do strippers actually make money when you can see naked av everywhere and anywhere?) But I do have to disagree a *bit* with you on the assertion that you need to pretty up before you can attract a quality woman. Personality goes a very long way. My current crush was fresh off newbie island when I met him and he swept me away with his sense of humor and wit. Be careful out there, Gentlemen – do you really want a girl who is only after your money and looks?

  9. “And really, do strippers actually make money when you can see naked av everywhere and anywhere?”

    I only stripped twice or three times in SL … not counting private shows for dates and partners 😉

    Both those times I did make between 1000 and 2000 L$ in 2 hours, with around 90% of it being tips.

    But those who think it’s easy to be a good stripper in SL are wrong. You need a nice shape, a good skin, a non-freebie penis, proper clothes, AND you need to be good at roleplaying and flirting. If you just stand there for 2 hours against that pole without saying a word, noone is going to tip you. And noone is going to pay to see a newbie nude either. You can see nude newbies anytime you want by going to any of the spots in LL’s Popular Places list.

  10. Wrath never made much money at Trivia, cause I beat his ass at it all the time *muhahahah* Trivia and club dress up contests have the bonus of meeting peeps, but yeah..when you weigh in on SL quality time vs lindens bought, camped or begged, money trees, sploders, and 200L dressup contests… buying in makes the most sense.. even tho I remember someone twisting my arm right off to do so! *eg*

  11. OMG! I cannot believe you just went there, E!! I never made much money at trivia because I always let you win more, that’s the real reason why, tell everyone. What, you’re still not buying that? It’s true! Well, the part about you winning more, but still…

    Daman, dude, L$1-2,000k in two hours?? I remember getting like L$250 in A DAY and thinking I was all that. I wasn’t stripping, obviously, because I’m sure I would’ve made less than that. 😉

    Garrett, I remember being so proud of myself the first time I had spare money to tip a DJ or host, lol. I agree – I think most of my money goes towards tipping, as well. Okay, I did buy a helicopter… and some ice skates. And a tree. Never mind.

    Zip, nothing wrong with that contest strategy at all! lol

    Whoa, Tymmerie, sounds like your man got some serious game!! Mad props to your current crush, then, w00t. Met him fresh off newbie island, you say? Friends, that has to be our AWNM – Play of the Day®! Beautiful. 🙂

  12. Wait a second… you mean I’m not going to get rich playing Second Life? I’m outta here.

  13. Wrath, if you ever do decide to strip, you must let us know. I’ll even come tip you.


  15. Yeah! Wrath stripping, time, place?

  16. Hehe… I’m so there!

  17. I used to make at least $1000 every couple of hours stripping. You have to be hot, be in a good and well-managed club and you cannot be lazy. It’s all about attention to detail.

  18. *grins at Zippora*
    Good old times! We were soooo proud of winning these contests and of course we always deserved it 😉

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