Men on Sports – Who’s got game?

Men.  We are competitive by nature.  So much so, in fact, we had to go out and devise ways of creating competition because we just couldn’t get enough of it in the wild.

 SL is no different.  While some may think of SL as a game in and of itself, many view it as a virtual world, and what world is complete without sports and friendly competition?  Not a world I would want to live in, I can tell you that much!

So, we went out in search of the finer side of SL sports, to see what was out there and more importantly, who could kick more ass.  Hawks couldn’t make it, something about doing some dirrty dishes or whatever, but Alex was game.  Not sure that was such a good idea, perhaps. 

You see, Alex and I are fierce rivals.  We once turned a simple best three out of five game of rock/paper/scissors into a three day marathon with over 13,482 rounds played in all.  And to this day, I still say I won. (Oh, and here’s a tip, don’t ever give the international sign for ‘scissors’ around Alex – he will shoot you.)

Anyway, let’s see what SL has to offer in the sports world.

Ah.  It may be America’s sport, but this is SL, baby!  Bring the heat!  And of course, that’s when things started to go horribly wrong.


I mean, hey, who isn’t going to argue over a bad call.  I said the ball was low and inside, and he said I was high and outside.  I know, right?

As with most sports in which Alex and I compete against each other, we left with the score tied.  At zero apiece.

Many of you might not even be aware that Air Hockey is a sport, let alone a competitive one.  As if that fact will ever stop us.

Air Hockey

Most likely we ended up arguing over who’s turn it was to put the quarter into the machine next.  All I know is, that was quite the painful scene.

Did you know, even a gentlemen’s game can become a bloody battleground.  In the hands of the wrong players, that is.


On hindsight, maybe we should have followed the rules and not immediately tried to capture each other’s Queen before moving any other pieces on the board.  Oh well, no do-overs for us.

Okay, this was truly a low point in the rivalry.  See, we never made it on to the actual playing field.


Seems to me there was some argument about who really won the coin toss – I know there was mention about Heads, Tails – all related to somebody’s momma – that’s about all I can recall before the imminent blackout and ensuing concussion.

As if any sport that allows (nay, encourages?) the consumption of very many alcoholic beverages during gameplay can ever truly end well.  This one certainly did not.Bowling

After that mishap, I bet Alex still has the black and blue balls.  He probably kept the bowling shoes, as well.

You may know it as football.  I made sure Alex only knew it as “Gooooooooaaaaaal” as I yelled it constantly for 33 solid minutes before he went completely mental.  Perhaps I should have actually tried to score a goal before yelling, I don’t really know what went wrong to tell you the truth. 


Good news is, in soccer, a 0-0 score meant we were still able to go down to the pub for a  few pints later and reflect back upon what some would consider a good game.

What started out as a friendly game of h-o-r-s-e ended just as quickly.  We never seem to be able to get past the H-O-R part before ex-girlfriends get brought up and things deteriorate quickly thereafter.


You know the saying: went to a basketball game and a hockey match broke out….

Speaking of… Oddly enough, the one place we didn’t actually get into a fight – the hockey rink.


Probably because there was already a hockey match in progress and for once we were spectators instead of participants.  In fact, look for a feature on SL Hockey on these here pages coming up in the near future, it was more impressive than I had imagined.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a score to settle.


~ by Wrath on January 23, 2008.

17 Responses to “Men on Sports – Who’s got game?”

  1. I laughed a WHOLE lot more than I should have while reading this. 🙂

  2. Okay, Wrath, stop hatin’ on my bowling shoes. (He’s mad because he just couldn’t part with his Bass loafers.) At least he was man enough to not blame the violence on me. But ask him why he didn’t publish the golf pictures.

  3. Dude!! I thought we agreed we weren’t going to go there?!

  4. Hey Wrath! Why didn’t you publish the golf pictures? Great post!

  5. Alex paid you to ask that, huh, Hawks? He knows why. @$#*&!!

  6. Hey Wrath! Why didn’t you publish the golf pictures? Great post!

  7. Wrath I’m sending you my cleaning bill. There was blood *everywhere* when he came home last night. Bastard.

  8. The blood is in a “big quantity” for some sport … the competition is ok … but if it’s go after the limit is war … 😀

  9. Oh no, don’t you start in on me, too, Orchid!

    Myg, you can expect more blood if Alex doesn’t do something about those golf photos! Just sayin’.

    And see, Innovatel knows a thing or two about sports, he understands the need for the occasional bloodletting involved in winning. 😉

  10. I wanna see the golf pics…on a side note, even pac-man is a competitive sport according to Wrath *snaps*

  11. You have to hand it to the men, though. They can turn anything into a fierce competition – even eating hot dogs.

    Now…where are these golf pics?

  12. Okay, you know what everyone? We just all need to clam down and forget about these damn supposed golf pics.

    Seriously, don’t you people have any other interests – this site has plenty of other pictures to look at, don’t you think?

    And why is everyone listening to Alex, anyway? Oh, I get it, pity. True, I should’ve seen that one coming. Well, hey, I feel bad for Alex getting his arse handed to him in a multitude of sport competitions too, but I don’t go around carelessly bringing up stuff that might should best be forgotten. That just ain’t right, yo. Why you try to dis me like that, homeslice? You know the ladies are reading this. Damn.

  13. Ahaha! Nice!

  14. Wrath, you dissed my bowling shoes. Payback’s a bitch. I’m not saying anything more about the golf photos, I leave it up to you to do the right thing.

  15. Cool, cuz we all know that ain’t happening.

  16. wrath i did my best to get alex to spill about the golf pics last night but i got nowhere. the dude has your back. maybe

  17. […] can get behind and cheer for a team. Wrath and Alex highlighted many of the sports available in a previous post, so I won’t rehash them here, but I don’t feel that any of them have anywhere near the […]

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