I’m just happy to see you

ColtGuns are not funny. That’s the Burgess corollary to the Steve Martin Proposition that comedy is not pretty. A bullet through the head does not have the same laugh value as an arrow through the head. It will, however, provide hours of more visceral entertainment. In the alimentary canal today are basic handguns, for roleplay and just good ol’ harass yr neighbor fun.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of weapons exist in Second Life. In fact, there’s a virtual plethora of handguns alone. It’s not so easy to pick. You can fire through a lot of L$ looking for the one that suits your purpose. Just like RL, if you are looking for something that’s well made, it won’t be cheap. If you want a reliable gun that you can use for RP without getting laughed at, expect to drop somewhere around L$1,000 for starters. I’m going to give you a sampling of a few manufacturers* to start your search, but by all means do as much exploring as you can and ask your friends about their guns. Most of us gun nuts love show and tell.

My all-time favorites are a pair of Breach’s G18s (see pic below). As far as I’m concerned, you cannot go wrong with a Breach weapon. The G18 is based on the RL Glock 18, a 9mm machine pistol. It is fairly simple to operate with a series of commands on channel 5. It loads both practice and combat ammo, has variable push strengths, and a silencer. You can change the velocity of the bullets, and enable/disable the ejection of casings and magazines. It has a “roleplay” setting that will force certain settings.


Breach also carries a variety of other excellent handguns and tactical weaponry. There I am below, passed out from excitment in the foyer of the Breach store.


I have also recently picked up Gunslinger Kurosawa’s Colt 1911A1 replica of the famous Colt 1911 for L$1,000. It’s also very easy to use, looks good, has a nice animation, and has a variety of ammunition. It is also roleplay HUD compatible. Kurosawa only manufactures one other weapon, a Derringer. But if you’re in the market for a 1911 replica, be sure to compare these.

Colt 1911

Carducci is probably the best known gun manufacturer in SL, and claims to do the most business. I own a couple of Carducci weapons but stopped using them a while back when I was heavily into roleplaying in Midian City. At the time, they weren’t in compliance with the MCS combat system used in Midian. However, Carducci has a fine selection and it’s likely his guns work in many roleplaying systems, so if you’re gun shopping, I’d take a look.




Only available at SLexchange are the awesome dual Sinistars from Blooddoll Lulu, which Myg is modeling above. These SL originals come with tremendous visual effects and animations, as well as a ton of ammunition choices. Unfortunately, the last time I checked, these were not permitted in RP sims, so the Sinistars are strictly for home use. But be careful, Myg managed to orbit an entire sim when she was “practicing.” I shit you not. Search on SLexchange for Sinistar, Cleric, or Blooddoll Lulu.

Colt 1911

Now about ammunition. (Check out the smoking shells from the Colt 1911, above. )

One of the beautiful things about scripted virtual weapons is the wide range of ammunition that is available. Most decent guns load several types. In a general sense, ammo falls into several types, broken into two broad categories, practice and combat. Practice ammo does no damage and does not push. Combat ammo does at least one damage point and can kill in a damage-enabled sim.

Combat ammo can also be scripted to have many other effects. The most common is “push,” which can often be set to different strengths ranging from a nudge that will push the target a few meters to several sims. There are also orbit options included, and depending on the designer, such things as explosive, scanner (non-physical), foam, trap — basically anything that a creative lsl scripter can dream up.

With any SL weapon, you have to read the notecard and practice. And good gun handling requires practice in mouselook. I’ve had a number of people say they were interested in purchasing a weapon and learning how to use it, if you want to get together some evening or weekend, let me know inworld and I’ll set something up.

*There are many gun manufacturers in SL. Lots of them are talented and make excellent weapons, both in terms of graphic design and scripting. Though mentioning weapons and manufacturers here is essentially an endorsement, it doesn’t mean there might be others equally good or even better. It just means I’m poor and lazy. So if you want me to check out your weapons and maybe write about them, drop them on me. (I will only write about them if I like them. If I don’t write about them it means I either didn’t like them or I’m lazy.)


~ by Alex on January 24, 2008.

13 Responses to “I’m just happy to see you”

  1. I scare myself with those guns.

  2. I thought Carducci was banned from all CCS and DCS sims as well.

    City of Lost Angels, Toxian City, Dark City are the ones I visit. Have never seen a good word for Carducci.

  3. What is all that noise about Carducci?
    And which weaponry is used in Wastelands? They don’t want any weapons that can be holstred….

    Anyway, I love my C-tech Redemptions. I thought about rezzing a case they came in at home. Really beautiful piece of work. But 106! prims! C’mon. Just for packaging!

  4. Boy, did I mess up your hair or what? 😛 Interesting article but I kinda think I won’t be shopping for firearms any time soon. 😛

  5. C-Tech does make some really nice weapons, dandellion, and they’re just down the sim from Breach on Overdrive Island. I’m not sure about The Wastelands, but the last time I stuck my head in there, there were some basic approved weapons at the welcome area in the bunker.

  6. Chaos guns are extremely good and very very good in price, i use them exclusively for RP as that are the best, and the least lag dependent in SL. Search for Chaos Kilara or KAC, I surely recommend her stuff OK in most RP areas. She is smaller and you might need to check it out first, Bu i never had any problems with using them.

  7. @Nadine – Thanks for that tip; will have to check them out asap.

    And remember people, the rule for RP sims is 1. read the f*ing notecards and 2. talk to the other avs there about what’s approved and accepted. Get your pixels wet before you go waltzing in with any kind of firepower and start acting like a n00b.

  8. I will forever stand by my Titan beretta. Regardless of my thoughts on the ‘military’ that works on it.

  9. @Kat – thanks for the shout out for your fave. See? There are so many possibilities when it comes to SL weaponry and I’m glad some of you all are talking about it here.

  10. ooh I agree with Nadine..I fergotted about the chaos gun my alt had…but beware, Elu went out and got herself one, this baby has enuf bells n whistles to keep any boy busy… *shoots a grenade in your general direction*

  11. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for some beginners info!

    /me gets shiny new gun and skips away into the sunset

    /me trips and shots self in foot.

  12. I think I meant to put that comment somewhere else. Oh well, randomosity!

  13. I can only second Nadine’s comment on the guns made by “Kilara’s Armament Company” (Chaos Kilara). I haven’t been very interested in guns on SL (as I prefer less laggy ego shooters), but since Nadine and Chrome talked me into getting one, I really got to liking my little Chaos gun 🙂

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