Congratulations!! You’re lucky #11,000

Okay, so I had this idea to write a post with a quick little lookback at some of the craziness that we have already witnessed in our first 3 weeks as a blog to commemorate our 10,000th page view. Well I got busy, and as these things go, I missed it by a couple of days, and now we are already at 11,000… so I had to think real hard to come up with a new title, as you can tell. 🙂

In case you missed anything, it appears that we have made an impact on more than a few lives already. Let me recap some of the highlights:

  • We beat down one of our key competitors to the level of hosting singles ads written and photographed by women. If you are into duffelbagging chicks then by all means look her up!
  • Landed incredible celebrity endorsements such as the following: “love it, its like a hetro version of that gay one.” – Truth Hawks, designer of TRUTH
  • Seen the total corruption of SL virgin, Alicia Cheneaux, from innocently curious, to ardent xcite shopper, and now volunteer pr0n fluffer.
  • Seen the rise of a troll, only to send him back under the bridge
  • Unearthed our first secret celebrity pr0n vid with the newly remastered Kitty Lalonde footage
  • Nuked Topgol resulting in the surprise transformation of Esteban Moody into the HULK
  • Been targeted by some up and coming wannabe blog called PrettyGirls or something or other not once, not twice, but three times
  • Ohh, and hopefully we have written a few decent blog posts along the way

There is still a hell of a lot to come, but I wanted to take a quick breath and look back, before plunging ahead. I also want to say thank you to our commenters out there, we want this journey to be an interactive experience and it really makes a difference when we have active participants leaving their own footprint!


~ by hawksrock on January 26, 2008.

8 Responses to “Congratulations!! You’re lucky #11,000”

  1. I don’t think I’m TOTALLY corrupted yet. But I do have to thank you guys for helping me along. 😉

  2. Just to say you’re doing a pretty good job of corrupting me. But then, I was well on the way before you came along.

  3. Doing a great job boys, keep up the good work!

  4. “Are we not men – changing lives.” It’s quite a mission, but I do believe you’re up to it. Carry on then.

  5. Actually, sweetheart, I got bored. *kiss*

  6. *ahem* not bored enough not to come back, apparently. Thanks for doing your part to keep our stats up, sweetie.

  7. Congratulations guys! I admit that I am green with jealousy – but I will just study you and use you as inspiration. Kudos!

  8. “Your comment is awaiting moderation” is default WordPress behaviour if he automatic algorithm thinks it’s suspicious. Has nothing to do with censorship. Silly troll.

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