Where’s mah pr0n at??

Why is it no matter how diligently we search on Google (and do we ever!), we still cannot find any X-Rated videos produced in SL?! With all the new business ideas taking place each day, how is it a burgeoning porn industry has not been developed?? Apparently not even in the amateur or not-for-profit fields, either, sheesh.

As in real life, surely someone, somewhere, at some point, decided to film themselves doing the nasty in SL. Yet, why have we not heard of a caLLie cLinE sex tape being passed around?  Or even seen an instructional video from Lillie Yifu? 

Is it restrictions placed on content by video hosting sites like YouTube? Is there some clause in the SL Terms of Service strictly prohibiting such filming? Maybe it’s because all SL residents are good, moral individuals?

 Mashups - not just for music anymore

I think not.

No, we believe it’s out there, we just can’t find it.  That’s where you come in, our loyal readers. 

If you, or someone you know, are aware of how we might gain access to some mystical SL pay-per-view pr0n channel, or some underground scene we just aren’t hip to,  can ya help us brothers out?  Please and thank you.  We’ll be standing by for those links…

Why, uh, for research and educational purposes only, of course.  😉


~ by Wrath on January 26, 2008.

20 Responses to “Where’s mah pr0n at??”

  1. Wrath, the porn title possibilities here are endless. I don’t even know where to begin…
    Prim Pricks 4: Cocked and Fully Loaded

  2. I’d like to volunteer my services as a fluffer to anyone thinking of filming some SL porn.

  3. Sorry boys, your little game just isn’t going to work *smirks*


  4. Wow Wrath that picture! Must have been some crazy party…

  5. LOL Anna! Yeah, seems like half the fun would be just coming up with the titles, huh? Nice.

    Alicia, I am hereby officially thinking of filming some SL porn, now. Does that fact alone qualify me for some of your fluffing services? *g*

    You know, Myg, I’d love to pretend I remember anything from that night except taking pictures, but I keep drawing a blank. Probably for the best.

    Whoa!! Kitty! Who knew you had it in you?! Repeateadly, even, apparently. I’d say we are shocked, but, well, we aren’t good at lying, heh. I think AWNM might just have to perma-link to that video – you’ll get your normal royalty fees as usual, of course. 😉

  6. You tube does in fact prohibit pr0n. There are sites that do allow it for amateurs, but so far they want real flesh and blood and not anime. I’ll keep you posted.

  7. Honey, I’ll fluff ya anytime. 😉

  8. damn!

  9. To capture video from SL you practically need a godly machine, that would reduce the number of people who could do it, even if they had the will to do so. Screenshots are a different story.

  10. Put me on the list of volunteers!!!! I hope applications haven’t closed 😦

    @kitty Your film hangs at 999% buffered. Anyone else have this problem.

  11. @NG – Hmmm, Kitty’s film is running great here at AWNM HQ, but maybe you’re having trouble because every comp in the office is looping it. There may be some bandwidth issues.

    And though I don’t think Wrath was planning on becoming a producer, all this enthusiasm may have given him some ideas.

  12. *Fears Wrath as Producer of Pr0n tm*

    You lot are dangerous, must be why I likes ya 😉

  13. Admittedly, it wouldn’t be the first time I tried my hand at pr0n. 😉

  14. ~giggles~ Tried your hand at prOn or used your hand for prOn? =P

  15. Layne, you just made me choke on my drink a little. LOL

  16. so, there’s a top secret hidden Wrath pr0n video out there somewhere? Strictly amateur, I’m guessing, no?

  17. oops. never mind. shutting up now…

  18. Um, Myg? Don’t turn over too many rocks here, kay?

  19. wrath was in a professional prOn video? we need to have a group viewing! i’ll bring the popcorn.

  20. […] and connections to unearth any SLebrity dirt. Well specifically we are ever in search of the hidden prOn videos. Wrath is still off on an extended assignment, scouring all the back alleys, and slipping some […]

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