AWNM® Presents: You Make The Call!

Logging in, or trying to log into, SL recently, I encountered an error message I had not seen before. 

This excited me – are there new error message icons I get to look forward to??  Or have they always been there, I just haven’t ran into enough of them, yet?

Anyway, there was text accompanying the error symbol, but I was wondering, if there had not been, could a reasonable person identify the problem just by looking at the picture?

Want to play along at home?  Cool.  I’ll show you the image, and then I’ll let you know some of my first thoughts. 

Error message image

Most sensible: No computer, no Second Life?

Makes no sense:  Choose one or the other:  Computers or Second Life?

From left to right:  Warning! Your monitor has a hand-print on it from Second Life?

From right to left:  Stop!  Your Second Life is greater or less than a powerful pc

Most likely:  Your crap computer and Second Life do not go together!

Feel free to post your guesses in the comments, and no, there isn’t a bonus prize for the first person to correctly post  the actual accompanying error message text, except my sincerest sympathies for your less than pleasant SL experience at that time.


~ by Wrath on January 27, 2008.

19 Responses to “AWNM® Presents: You Make The Call!”

  1. (your computer)(left) (right)(second life) = the user is always wrong because the computer left, divided by the right to second life.

  2. You’ve been bad, therefore you cannot log in to SL.

  3. Attention: Second Life is coming through!! (but at the end it won’t come ;))

  4. Your computer is scared and doesn’t know where to look when it comes to Second Life, therefore you may not login.

    I actually got this symbol thing last night. It was a nice change from the usual “Despite our best efforts…”

  5. Reminds me of the “sad iPod” and “open exclamation folder” icons on Apple’s iPods… Though this time you can’t just plug your computer somewhere and hit “Restore” :-S.

  6. Bend over & kiss your ass goodbye? Go buy a book? Have you tried Tringo on Meez? Hah!

  7. Warning! When (or, better still, if) you eventually succeed in logging on, Second Life will immediately crash, forcing you to reboot.

  8. Back to life..back to reality? NO SECOND LIFE FOR YOU!

  9. *sings* Back to life, back to reality?? or perhaps “NO SECOND LIFE FOR YOU!!”

  10. For once… your computer is safe from crashing or otherwise suffering a horrible, agonizing, lagful session online.

  11. My best guess: resolution/graphics card/something graphics oriented not compatible with SL? (or the other way around ;))

  12. A correction to me previous post, since I inadvertently chopped off the final part of the message. It should read, in full,

    Warning! When (or, better still, if) you eventually succeed in logging on, Second Life will immediately crash, forcing you to reboot.

    We hope that this will not interfere with your enjoyment of the Second Life experience.


  13. Second Life can’t establish a connection to the login server.

    Please check your internet connection. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Second Life is permitted to access the network.


  14. Uh oh, sounds like someone has definitely seen that error message. Bummer, dude. 😉

  15. SL has been hell on me for about a week or so 😦

  16. Wrath, same here, also yesterday. Maybe it’s something belgian? 😀 Although pressing ‘try again’ fixes it. I even screenshotted this solution to your little riddle. 😉

    They really did not choose well with picking a monitor to represent a computer, I’m sure I was not only that initially thought this points to graphic card problems or something else that has to do with ‘display’.

    PS. Daman, how are my croissants getting along?

  17. I have the shape right (in my opinion anyway). But they have a plain ugly brown color still. 😦

  18. Don’t they look appetizing with the standard plywood texture? Or only to beavers*?

    * Wrath, Alex, I am clearly referring to the rodents here! Don’t you dare! :p

  19. ROFLMAO 😀

    I’ll just finish them as good as I can with my limited SL building skills. After today my online time will be very sparse since I’m moving out of Belgium, but once I’m active again will let you know to arrange a time.

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