Sex on Wheels

A man’s set of wheels is like a window into his soul. Is he into muscle cars and good with his hands? Is his style more import tuner that rev’s hard and fast? The crazy thing about SL is that you can script a cube to drive and sound like a Porsche, so the fun is in the prim details that make the car your own. Luckily there is a wide variety of rides to choose from, but for this installment I chose to highlight a couple of my favorites from Raver Designs.  At the end of the day though, did your ride bag the chick?  That is the ultimate measure, watch and you be the judge…


~ by hawksrock on January 28, 2008.

12 Responses to “Sex on Wheels”

  1. Well, I know one thing, the car bagged me. Get out, we need some private time. There go my dj tips.

  2. *sobs* there goes Alex!

  3. Jelly needs to give you driving lessons :p

  4. Hahaha! I almost choked on that Gillian. He actually drives better than me. Rofl *snorts* I’m awkward on wheels.

  5. Yeah, Gillian, what Jelly said! lol But she is only awkward behind the wheel, as you can see she does just fine when the car isn’t moving… 🙂

  6. Got a car about 5-6 weeks ago myself. Shadow Dominus. Absolutely love riding it around when things are not too laggy.

  7. i picked up a Benz yesterday lol, Free Cah, but driving is really tough for me so I’m much with the amazement you could get around the track or go where you wana go at all.

  8. @Daman Yes, I have a Dominus and it is another fav of mine as well. Jell and I both have em and back in the day we issued a challenge ( which is where I first met Raver as he schooled us at his track… lol.

  9. OMG! I am soooooo gonna pick one of those up!

    (Of course, it might help if I get a bitchen Camaro first….ha!)

    Nice video, dude! I am glad you didn’t mention any prices involved for those vehicles, because I plan on spending however much it takes, lol.

  10. Lol. A friend tp’d me over to give me a ride in hs new two-seater sports car – and, although it had a passenger seat, it was only scripted for a driver.

    So beware of what motor you get. 🙂

  11. That would be a good title for a song.

  12. […] Are we not men? Sex on Wheels Quote from the site – A man’s set of wheels is like a window into his soul. Is he into muscle […]

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