Breaking news…

We here at AWNM take our job very seriously, and we are constantly scanning the net for any new breakthroughs or advancements that we feel that we owe our loyal readership in which case we will pass them along right away. Well it just so happens, that during my in depth review of all the analysis and bracketology related to the upcoming March Basketball madness I stumbled across something that I couldn’t help but pass along!!

The new Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit site is up, and wow is it an improvement over last year!!

I still have many hours of in depth coverage to complete prior to being able to fully share the many wonders that a site such as this provides. But I was able to cover a few quick highlights:

1) Marissa Miller is back again, and she is the hottest chick on the planet!!

2) What is a Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit issue anymore without a segment on Bodypainting? I don’t know what it is about covering up the female form in a light coat of latex type paint that is such an extreme turn-on but something is there that makes that even hotter than outright nudity.

3) Not only pictures of Bodypainting, but also an entire video segment… The only thing hotter than a picture of bodypainting is the slight jiggling that occurs as the model moves. Not to mention, it must be really cold in the ocean where they complete these shoots. Just ask Tori Praver.

4) Overall they have added in tons more pictures and video clips. It is almost silly to buy the magazine when you are getting so much more content at ultra high resolution on your 72 inch flatscreen HD monitor in the privacy of your own home. Sure you gotta watch a few more ads this year, but hey you need time to unzip anyways… right?

Alright, so on behalf of all of our loyal readers out there, I will go back to my in depth analysis to see if there are any other uncovered gems I might have missed. I can always fill out my NCAA bracket tomorrow morning. 🙂


~ by hawksrock on March 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Breaking news…”

  1. I am strongly feminist … and I like the pictures in the swimsuit edition. I can’t imagine that I’d BUY it, but they look like beautiful, healthy and fun people you could drink beer with.

    And I actually pointed this blog out to my RL / SL boyfriend. 🙂

  2. Woot, wtg Triz!! Much appreciated, on many fronts. We love when the women bring in the men to the manly man blog! lol

  3. How do I get a job doing bodypainting?

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