Final Four, baby!!!

Woot!!! My Jayhawks are in the Final Four, and life is grand!! I really thought they were gonna blow it with a majorly poor offensive night (Mr. Rush, you do want to be drafted this year right??) against a team that could potentially light em up at any point, in Davidson to make it past the Elite Eight. I could hear my heart hammering each second of that last 16 seconds as Curry took the ball up the court, but then oh wonder of wonder’s when the wonderboy waffled and wiffed it. Everybody loves an underdog story, where a no-name player comes out of nowhere to lift his team to greatness, but I mean the guy doesn’t shit golden basketballs the way the announcers were building him up. He has a sweet shot and a killer behind the back dribble, but in the end Kansas’ athleticism won the day, even though their shooting was poor.

So what is it about sports that draws people from across cultural, social, and economic divides to unite them behind a common goal? Where random people can jump up in a bar to high five, hug, and cheer together as each shot is made, or alternatively weep, moan, and gripe about officiating together when they lose? I am sure there is lots of great research that has been done on this issue, that I could link into this post, but I am lazy so go look it up yourself… 🙂

I will say that in my opinion SecondLife is severely lacking in recreating any sort of sports scene that brings people together on the same level. From my personal somewhat limited experience, I would say that the surfing competitions and community are the closest recreation to an RL event. There are other sports evolving all the time, but to me they still feel more like early generation video game consoles rather than true sports that you can get behind and cheer for a team. Wrath and Alex highlighted many of the sports available in a previous post, so I won’t rehash them here, but I don’t feel that any of them have anywhere near the pull of RL sports…. let alone the mecca of them all March Madness and the Final Four.

Another option again, is to further leverage the somewhat tentative relationship SL has with CBS already with the CSI sims, and a few other projects to bring more interactive coverage into SL. I have already mentioned the need for sports bars, but imagine what an opportunity is being overlooked in licensed merchandise, behind the scenes footage, or even a virtual recreation point by point of the game or highlights. I looked all over SL and only found one half ways decent Kansas basketball jersey, that is honestly a tad outdated and not very well finished off.

This next game against North Carolina is obviously going to be the marquis game of the tournament, no matter who is playing in the championship. It has all the markings of an incredible experience. Two of the top programs of all time are being matched up, with similar rankings and performance this year. Oh and by the way, Roy was “OUR” coach for 15 years before returning to North Carolina, the second time they asked him to come coach there. They are firing up all the Benedict Williams shirts again. People are still pretty pissed that he left, although I respect his desire to go back home.

But in the end, what is sports all about other than providing the opportunity to hilarious T-shirts… Let me share a few of my fav’s. (also as a side note Missouri, is the absolute most hated rival of KU students. Any group that calls themselves the Antler’s when their mascot is a Tiger is a fairly good indicator of the intelligence level. We just kinda humor them and don’t let on that Tiger’s don’t have antlers, because it is funnier that way.)

And then the one’s that play on the fact that our football coach is REALLY overweight!

Just as a note to all of our Kansas faithful out there: these and many many more shirts are available for you to purchase at Joe College.


~ by hawksrock on April 2, 2008.

10 Responses to “Final Four, baby!!!”

  1. I attended 7th grade in the state of Kansas, and if I recall, they had a good team even back then. However, due to the fact I had moved there from the great state of Kentucky (Go Cats!), I am pretty sure I am not allowed to get excited about the achievements of any other school’s basketball program. 😉

    Of course, it’s been a while since I lived in KY, and seeing as how UK didn’t exactly go far in the tournament this year, I think I have to represent the Left Coast and support the Pac-10 representative for the moment – and hope that UCLA makes our conference look good.

    So, there are no sports bars in SL streaming games? hmmmm

  2. There are other sports besides football? Are you KIDDING me?! I thought the months between Super Bowl and training camp were sports free. Thanks for bursting my bubble!!!

  3. First of all — :p
    Second of all — :P:P

    Did you have to hit both of my teams??
    :p :p :p some more

    BTW – I would love to hear more about the “antler” thing. I am on campus 9 hours a day and have NEVER heard that one before. Of course they tend not to drink in my office.

  4. @ Wrath – although I tend to lean a little left in my thinking on most things, geography isn’t one of em. I am all about right down the middle, GOOOO KU!!

    @ Alicia – Congratulations you just made it into my elite group of people qualified to do a March basketball bracket against me. I will be contacting you next February about participating.

    @ Cierra – LMFAO!! I was soooo waiting to see your comment. Cracks me up! Are you saying you haven’t heard of the antler’s? They are the group of rowdy students who love to major in being a-hole extraordinaire at games. You can read about em here: Be sure to read the notable antics, yes they should make people proud.

  5. Very interesting reading, thanks for the link. Amazing I have never heard of them (and I read the student paper). I shall have to keep an eye out for this lovely group of students and fans.

    PS-Actually only the first t-shirt stung a little, but just a little 😉

  6. Have any of you guys tried En Garde! in SL? Admittedly it’s a turn based card game, but it is competitive and has teams and tournaments

  7. I have not tried it, CronoCloud, but I am always up for learning a new game, so I will check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Wrath, I am with you. As an alumni of the University of Kentucky …with a home in Kansas City, MO…a husband that is a Kansas State alum…but we are living in New Orleans. Our Cats didn’t do much this year, but I still can’t make myself root for KU. (Sorry Hawks). I think I have to go with NC. I’m as undecided about this Final Four as I am the upcoming presidential election. I hate it when I have to pick the lesser of the evils:) Grins

    Sits back and drinks my hurricane and prays for the basketball gods to look kindly again on my UK Wildcats..Go Big Blue!

  9. Ok, so I rooted for the wrong team. I guess that I do have to give kudos to much as I hate to:)

  10. My Girlfriend in RL/SL pointed this blog out to me. I’m from Wichita, Ks. and its good to see a fellow Kansan in SL.

    I have to agree with you Hawk with your opinion of SL severely lacking in recreating a sports scene that brings people together that can participate at a competitive level. You would think that SL could see the potential growth in building realistic type Sims where you could play some Madden like Football or NCAA basketball. I know I would definitely participate.

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk K-U-U-U

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