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I am still walking around in a euphoric stupor following Kansas University’s victory over North Carolina last night.   So let me recap the key events from Lawrence for Saturday.

8 am til about 4:00 – it was pretty much business as usual, except for a LOT of conversations centered on if we could knock North Carolina out of the tournament or not.   Everybody was trying to decide from which venue they were going to watch the game.   There were people and businesses grilling up free food all over town for lunch, and therefore the party atmosphere kicked off about noon.

4:00 til 6:00 – Most of the bars kicked everybody out at 4:00 and then reopened the doors 30 minutes later, so the patrons were lined up ouside of all the best establishments waiting to try to land a table.   Had to be a great day for Lawrence businesses, since many of the bars/restaurants implemented table minimums where you had to keep spending at least $30/hour to keep your table, so they didn’t have people just parking and watching.

For me specifically, I work for the KU Athletics department so I had to work at Allen Fieldhouse where they were having a free showing of the game on the big screen scoreboard for any fans that wanted to come down and watch the game.  My bosses went into immediate panic mode, because they were only expecting about 2k people to come out to watch the game there, and at 6:00 when I arrived people were lined up for about 2 city blocks around the fieldhouse waiting to get in, and there was a steady stream down the hill from the dorms as masses of students were in route.   A lot of families and students mostly, although it was a good cross section of the population.   The “official” KU count was 7,ooo fans, but I think it was closer to 5,ooo people.

7:00 – 7:45  The fieldhouse was rocking, as everybody learned the rules of engagement.   Anything during pregame that mentioned KU or showed KU players landed thunderous applause and yelling, whereas anything related to North Carolina met with loud boos from the crowd.   Add into this that ANY time (including throughout the game) that Roy Williams was shown on the screen, people would boo the loudest as well as flip the bird at the screen.  (For those of you who don’t follow sports, Roy Williams was our coach for 15 years before he left to go coach at UNC, and nobody has really forgiven him for that to this day.)

7:45 – 10:00:  Game time!!  OMG!! We played the best 10 minutes of college basketball ever, as we stole the ball, blocked shots, and made every shot we took to get off to an incredible 40-12 lead over UNC.   It was just amazing, then we proceeded to let up some on defense and quit going into the post as often, and UNC clawed their way back into it at one point getting within 4 points.   Then finally, we reenergized and kicked it in gear, and slammed the door on UNC’s comeback, ultimately winning 84-66.

10:00 til ???:  PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  People pour out of the fieldhouse, every bar, and every home and start marching towards Mass St (our downtown.)  High fives, hugs, yelling, cheering, and honking every horn they can find.   8 downtown blocks get roped off by the police and becomes one HUGE block party.

Literally, all night long there was honking, fireworks, and other wanton acts of drunken debauchery…  I really love college towns!!   Oh, and btw we have to play Memphis on Monday night for the Championship.   Go Hawks!!!


~ by hawksrock on April 6, 2008.

5 Responses to “Morning after”

  1. You can say that again WOW! What a game. A game of three tales. Act I – Kansas blew the game open with a run of 18 straight points against supposedly the number one team in the nation. They did it with some of the best offensive and defensive play I’ve ever seen at any level of the sport. My voice was getting horse with non stop yelling of excitement and screaming at the top of my lungs “screw you NC and Coach Williams you traitor”. By the way I think he made the right decision for him. You have to go where your heart leads you and for him North Carolina was home.
    Act II – Just when you think the Jayhawks have got this wrapped up and even had Billy Packer calling the game 8 minutes in, the Tar Heel go on a run themselves and pull within 4 points 54-50. At which time I got up and put my running shoes on and went for a two mile run. I thought if I was going to put any kind of stress on my heart it might as well be a healthy stress not the kind that was going to make heart explode with anger.
    Act III – My run must of turned the Jayhawks around when I got back I was able to witness a Sherron Collins alley-oop pass to Sasha Kaun for an easy dunk that to led to some other easy inside plays down the stretch. By the time it was over my SL/RL Girlfriend Triz Aster finely got to hear the Jayhawks haunting ‘Rock Chalk Jayhawk’ chant.

    Moral of the story never lose faith. But if you do have your running shoes ready. Believe me I DO. I have them sitting right next to me and ready to go just in case the Hawks need help tonight.

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk K-U-U-U

  2. Williams IS wearing a KU shirt tonight. 🙂

  3. STILL no blog? Was it THAT fun of a party? Reel ended up storming off to work (unnecessarily) with about eight minutes to go in the second half … saying something like “if Memphis is throwing up trash like that and it’s going in, [….] ” (then a lot of swear words). Then of course he obsessively checked the score on his computer and came back to watch overtime.

    I’m pretty sure you will disagree (Reel’s reaction to me saying this was “well, go watch the game with someone else then!”) but I would have been happy with either result. That was just straight out exciting basketball. And I feel so bad for Memphis that UGH it was free throws (well, it was other stuff too, but you KNOW they are going to talk about the free throws because they ALWAYS say that about those poor Memphis guys) that stuffed them up.

    Just a great game. I couldn’t believe the teamwork both teams were displaying (or the idiocy of some of the passes on both sides, but maybe that is what happens when you feel that directly touched by the basketball gods).

    Go Kansas! Hopefully it won’t be another 20 years till the next one. 🙂

  4. Last blog post written a month ago! where are all the men gone ! 😦

  5. *I* know right! Well I know for a fact that Hawks is on vaca for the next 4 days… as for Alex & Wrath – no clue. 😦

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