PSA#1 Taco Bell Big Box Meal Warnings

Taco Bell worked very hard to cover all the bases on their new Big Box Meal combos. The box warns you that “Objects in box are as large as they appear.” They provide a diagram and information on how to correctly lift heavy objects to avoid any personal injury. Unfortunately all these warnings still result in a big FAIL!!

Because, they totally forgot to warn you to NOT engage in rough sweaty banging the headboard sex for at least 2 hours after consuming the components of the box, or you WILL PAY DEARLY!! About an hour in after the second or third round, when you are just gaining full momentum, all of a sudden your guts will twist and contort in such a painful pattern, that it feels like your intestines are being ripped out your nose… and you might hafta make a quick beeline for the bathroom. I am just saying…. DON’T try this at home!! If Queso is coming over, then keep Queso junior in your pants!! This PSA was brought to you by your friends at AWNM.


~ by hawksrock on June 26, 2008.

One Response to “PSA#1 Taco Bell Big Box Meal Warnings”

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