No hablo, Russki. Merci beaucoup.

I am at times amazed at how small our virtual secondworld is. Every once in a while a post I write will be picked up by different bloggers in different countries obviously speaking different languages. Most are courteous enough to link back to the original content, which then allows me to backtrack the link to see what sort of activity is going on out there in distant foreign lands.

The issue I have is that I am anglo-American, and therefore language challenged. You see for anglo-Americans there is really only one language that we read and write – English, because we are just THAT cocky to force everybody else who wants to interact with us to learn our language. Thank the powers that be for free internet translators. I mean who doesn’t love a literal translation by a computer?

It isn’t always as easy as it sounds though, because as an American we only really recognize three languages other than English to exist on the planet. Those are Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. Sure we have some sort of vague idea of their being other things like French, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, etc… but we are too egocentric to tell the difference. You see if it looks like we can pronounce it and is remotely related to Romance languages, then it HAS to be Spanish so we are gonna run it through the Spanish to English translator. If it has weird looking pictograms, then it HAS to be Chinese so we run that through the Chinese to English translator. Finally, if it looks like something from the Cold War days then we are gonna run it through the Russian to English translator. Anything else is just way too advanced for our simple minds to grasp.

Just for your viewing picture a few fun images of products with funny English translations:

In the interests of bringing you the absolute best in reporting from across the globe by way of free internet translation here are a few fun links to my 50 first dates series.

1)  From Second Russia, which was pretty much directly ganked from New World Notes, but is much funnier as a translation:

“After several months of rest from SL-блоггинга, children from command Are We Not Men? Have returned with epic work – the guidebook on 50 locations for those who wishes to amaze the second половинку on the first appointment.

It обезоруживающе romantic places (each description is supplied by the SLURL-reference): art museums for интелектуалов, magnificent heavenly spots, huge ballrooms and many other things. Sites with 1 on 10, sites with 11 on 20. It is supposed, that on the second appointment the party stark naked in whipped cream and role games with prison subjects will follow.”

2) From PI en Second Life

“Of the blog New World Note a comment arrives us that gives me muchisimas ideas.  It is a matter of a reference on the entrance that in the titled blog …till we not men? the better places for a first appointment offer us.  Really the places are diverse and they go since a cruiser (SS Galaxy) to museums (The Second Louvre).  There is for all the inclinations… and for a first, second one or any appointment they are fantastic.Asi that if they want “to court” to someone or simply they want to expose them to the diversity of SL this is the list…that enjoy.”

3) Or how about a guy who I guess intends to try them all out for himself and then see if they *really* are worth a crap, on the blog Techno Lives…  lol.

Where Begin an appointment in Second Life

For the ones that they are interested in seeking couple inside second life and they do not know where to seek, aqui I will show some places that, according to the blog of Tilling We Not Men, they are very good to begin a relation, to leave to stroll, or to enjoy a moment romantico besides be entertained.

Gardens of Bliss Balloon Ride

Him bearing a grudge this place, a visit can be done guided and to walk through a globe aereostatico, something more romantico cannot be asked, if they go alone they will entertain, and if they go in compañia of someone a lot better still.  The place is a full wild fauna of arboles plants, and a lot of interactiveness, ideal for the lovers of the nature.

Path Cats

Path Cats is another very good place, above all if one wants to dance, is able alli one to find a dancing partner and to begin to enjoy the musica and good compañia, is frequented for people of every place and tambien people of Spanish speech, itself them bearing a grudge.

Avilion Ball Room

This place is more romantic, the love songs, the sound is spectacular, besides is visited for Spanish people, the musica is very romantica, ideal to know people, and to begin good relations, of truthful Them bearing a grudge to personal holder the to visit it.

For my these they are the 3 better places than mentions the blog, to begin to know people.  The blog mesiona many more places than tambien turn out to be interesting, but before giving a comment on them I will visit them personally.”

Please keep the foreign links coming, and be sure to link back to the blog, so I can enjoy tracking back and translating.   I hope you enjoyed em as much as I did.


~ by hawksrock on July 10, 2008.

6 Responses to “No hablo, Russki. Merci beaucoup.”

  1. Well I don’t want to go on dates with people bearing a grudge. That just doesn’t sound like a good date!

  2. Depends on if you are into angry sex or not… cuz it can “at times” be sort of invigorating. 😉

  3. *coughs*

  4. Hi, Ty for your post… and I use thsi blog how reference in Tecnolives. But I’am not a LOL. 😀

  5. I hear you Raul, you are welcome to use the 50 first dates, that is why I did it to help people find fun places in SL that maybe they haven’t tried. You aren’t an LOL, but the free auto translation back into English is definitely worth an LOL. 🙂

  6. Not being a native speaker I try to stick to English, even though I do speak fluent German and a bit of French as well (and my own Dutch obviously) Simply because it’s quite confusing to use different languages in a mostly English oriented environment. As far as I know most Europeans do the same, only the French and Spanish tend to be a bit stubborn 😉
    Leaves me to say that you’ve done a great job with your listing of 50 places for a date: I think it’s going to be a standard for many!

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