I’m hot shit!

  • When I tp into a tringo event anywhere on the grid I hear a collective whine from everybody but the host, because I am probably the second best tipper out there.
  • I have the power to get any vehicle, weapon, or toy for free merely by mentioning that I wanna look at it. I could get clothes, but meh, I hate fashion blogging.
  • I once hosted a tringo event while having two girls dance on stripper poles in front of me (by their choice not mine), with two different girls in my IM window trying to start a cyber. (And this was before I bought my first skin.)
  • I bagged the hottest head Mean Girl anywhere on the grid, and moved her to my hometown so we can get the freak on morning, day, or night.
  • When I was blogging daily we were averaging 8k hits a week, which isn’t off the charts, but nothing to feel too shabby about.
  • I can rock the best 80’s and 90’s alternative set you have ever heard.
  • I’m huge in Russia, and growing in Portugal (okay that was a joke… but cracked me up.)
  • I FUCKING HATE when people brag about themselves in a public forum.

I am seeing a trend that is out there across blogs, plurk, and other forums that has always annoyed me, but seems to be a growing trend. People who like to tell the world what hot shit they are. Everybody has personal pet peeves, but this happens to be a hot one for me.

You know how I like groups so here ya go:

Timidly Ambitious: I just want to let all the thousands upon thousands of people who stop me EVERY day to tell me how cool my blog is or awesome my clothes are that I am really just an ordinary person, just like you who can’t help it that my IM’s are capped daily, and my personal assistant is too busy to pick up the slack and speak to you one on one, but I will beat that bitch into submission as soon as she brings me my coffee.

Look at Me’s: I was just totally shocked and flattered that I was listed as a distinguished blogger by so and so. I really can’t believe it, even though my picture was shown here or I was mentioned there and here and there and way way over there [complete with url links of course to each instance.]

Clingers to the past: Why of course I am a total SLebrity because back in 2007 I was mentioned in this, and covered by that, and everybody it seems was covering me across the grid!

ReaLLy big attention whores: It’s my birthday, so let’s have a birthday week, a birthday month, a birthday year in my honor because I LOVE LOVE *BUBBLE HEARTS* each and every one of you SOOOOO MUCH, that I want you to have the ability to worship me ALL year long. Oh and just so you know, the entire state of California dropped into the ocean, but MY GOD, I am OKAY, so you can sleep easy tonight.

I am all for calling out the fact you posted something, or talking about your life, but I can’t stand blatant self-promotion just for the sake of getting people to be like, awwww yes you are a total SLebrity and I love you mostest type comments or feedback!

Thanks! My name is HawksRock Gunawan, and I approve this message.


~ by hawksrock on August 22, 2008.

12 Responses to “I’m hot shit!”

  1. Can I have your autograph Hawks?

  2. Hawks I know Jelly is the President of your Fan Club but I wonder if I could please pick up your dry cleaning or something because you are a supah star!

  3. thank you for saying what more people should!

  4. /me vomits

  5. Oh Wow! Oh Hawks – thanks so much for letting me post on YOUR blog. OH WOW everyone look – look – I’m on Hawks’ blog!!!!

  6. /me will be blogging, plurking, emailing, im’ing, saying, and snail mailing all of his many accomplishments on a day to day basis so that each and every one of you will NEVER EVER forget that I am both a SLEBRITY and worthy of all the mounds of adulation that you heap upon me on any given day. Feel free to drop me a note, if you have not as of yet joined the HawksRock Gunawan Cock of the Block club yet. Keep those donations rolling in. 😉

  7. Can some one please explain what is being “important” in SL? Still trying to figure it out after almost 2 years. /me leaves the room shaking her head

  8. Hawks…
    Even Paris Hilton as an energy policy!
    Where’s yours?

  9. Portugal, this was definitely the last time I took you out to the street ! Next time I share with you guys a blog that I like I’ll make sure you’re not around, hehehehe !

    And yay, Hawks… just keep growing, alrightie ? lololol

  10. When reading the first part of this blog I was thinkin ” ok who the heck hit hawks on the head with pixie dust ” But… Thank God For Sarcasm! Oh and btw this completely arrogant image of you is enuff to cause partly sane people nightmares … and obviously sickness to some ( looks up as Alex’s vomit drips from the comments )

  11. Did I hear that right, Hawks? You admit to being president of the cock-blocking club? *cleans his ears* Maybe I should read the post more thoroughly. 😛

  12. Wait… wha wha wha what?! I cannot believe you just used “cock block” and “Hawks” in a complete sentence. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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