Out of the Ashes…

I love this blog!  I have always loved this blog!  I have loved writing on it, reading it, listening to each and every one of your comments (whether you got the joke or didn’t).   But like all good things, they must eventually come to an end.   *tear*

Basically, I am not able to produce enough content on my own these days to keep this baby rolling like I wanted to be able to do, so when I heard the Mean Girls were closing up shop and tossing around ideas for a new blog, I thought it would be fun to propose a merger of Mean Girls and Are We Not Men into one collective effort.   We then went after some additional talent and presto voila, a new blog is born that will bring you the best of MG and AWNM along with a lot of new flavor from seven really talented writers.   I present to you the Revolution.

Both Alex and I are making the jump over to the new blog, but unfortunately Wrath could not commit to writing a post every two weeks which is a requirement to blog on the new blog, so he is going to be cheering us on in the new venture.   I still hope at some point he comes on board.   I plan on getting back into a regular writing swing, so if you have enjoyed AWNM then please follow us over, and update your viewers and bloglines.   🙂

I did want to take one final look back at some of my personal favorites from AWNM:

If you have been a fan and a loyal reader, then I sincerely thank you.   I have enjoyed the ride we have been on together, and look forward to an even wilder ride with Revolution.


~ by hawksrock on September 12, 2008.

One Response to “Out of the Ashes…”

  1. What a great idea! I will certainly follow Revolution with that kind of exciting mix:-)

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