I owe you a beer…

Hey there, how you doing?   It’s been kind of a long time yanno.   I haven’t done a post on here since Sept 12, 2008 where I basically tried to run you all off, and be like HEY!! look behind door number 2!!!   Because this door here isn’t really going to take you anywhere anymore.    Sure it took you a while, but so many of you finally got the hint and yanked us off the blogrolls, unsubscribed from your feeders, and over time…   the traffic has dried to trickle of what it once was.    Ironically though, we are still getting 50-60 people who hafta come by and just see if the lights are still off every single day.    Sure you got excuses like you are just linking to old content, or you found something about us on the forums.    There are still people out there trying to learn to text properly, or how to be a DJ… 

Well I am kinda bored, and I thought I would just drop in and say, “Hi!”   I still appreciate you keeping the candle burning bright, and who knows maybe some day on down the road, we might just decide to fire this bird up again, and see what happens.   For now though, I am still saying you really should try to embrace a little bit of change in your life.    I like to wear the same pair of shoes too yanno, just cuz they are pretty comfy, but then the other pairs just gather dust in the corner.

So come on, try the new pair on, and see what happens.   Join the party over at The Rev.   You can stand in the corner and eye the pretty girl you really want to slide your hand down that plunging neckline.   Besides, you can always refer back here for the pointers you need to land her for later.


~ by hawksrock on January 5, 2009.

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